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Mandriko Village: A worth see place for Rhodes Holidays

Mandriko is an agricultural village at a distance of 45 km from the Rhodes City in Island Rhodes. With its alluring look and natural beauty, it attracts attention of a large number of people visiting Rhodes for the Rhodes Holidays. People from around the world come and visit this place for the sake of enjoyment, leisure, entertainment and a lot more fun.

Being on the western seaside between Kalavarda and Kamiros Scala, Mandriko is a petite agricultural land with a population of 239. It comes under the municipality of Kamiros, and it produces one-third of whole island’s vegetables. Moreover, this petite village with its genuine beauty and purity of its people attracts hundreds and thousands of people to visit this place every year and is quite important because of agriculture and Rhodes Holidays attractions.

Things to See

People from different origins, cultures and races visit this place for their Rhodes Holidays and enjoy the sun-setting scenes of Rhodes Island. While passing through its roads, you can witness a wide range of different green houses and lush green agricultural fields where you can see locals farming various vegetables.

Mandriko is a must visit place for the people who are fed up of hustle and bustle of busy city life and for those who love village life. Tourists can enjoy a slow pace of life on their entrance to this magical spot. Apart from this, sunsets in this village are some of the most attractive scenes ever. One can capture these scenes to fill their holidays with fun and enjoyment.
It is no doubt one of the most enthralling Rhodes Holidays Ideas to visit Mandriko during your trip to Rhodes. This is because this place offers equal opportunities for everybody as it carries a wide range of places to visit in. You can visit a small square having a cafenion in this village. You can also visit the conventional church which is solely dedicated to ‘Saint Lucy.’ This place is indeed full of various wonders to be explored by the Rhodes Holidays makers.

Evenings in Mandriko

Evenings in Mandriko are of different nature that attracts attention of the Rhodes Holidays makers. It is because, during the evenings a large number of local people sit together, do chit chat and drink Greek Coffee in the traditional glasses of ouzo. Apart from this, they use to bring under discussion some of the most important village related matters.

People who visited Mandriko village during their holidays wish to visit this small but striking village over and over again. This is because Mandriko offer not only various beautiful sites and archaeological places, museums and tombs, but also exciting activities including water sports, hiking, delicious food and most of all, luxurious accommodations.

During Rhodes Holidays, Mandriko’s village offers its visitors a true rural life with natural beauty, fresh air and homelike environment. It is no doubt an alluring spot for aged, young as well as for the children. Moreover, it offers various opportunities for love & romance seekers, wind-lovers, kite surfers, party freaks and music lovers. This dreamland provides a comfortable stay and welcomes everyone to enjoy its pleasures.

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