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Manhood Injury And Healing – A True Story

Unless they work in the adult film industry, men often choose to keep quiet about what they do in the bedroom. It’s not really considered polite to open up with the details of what happened between the sheets, and honestly, no one really wants to know. However, there are some things that happen during intimate moments that lead to the need for urgent male organ care. This is one true story of a manhood injury that occurred during a vigorous encounter – a cautionary tale for men that may help them avoid a similar, painful experience.

A Common Scenario
This injury happened on a night when the man and his partner decided to get a little frisky and try out some new positions.

“My wife and I have always been big fans of the missionary position, but on this particular night, we had a little bit too much to drink, and we were watching some crazy videos,” he says. “Once the show was over, we just tore off one another’s clothes.”

Rather than sticking with a simple guy-on-top motion, the couple switched things up by allowing the girl to take control of the action. Unfortunately, since booze was involved and the motion was new, the two weren’t as coordinated as they could be, and tragedy struck.

“One minute, everything was going just fine,” he says. “But she sort of leaned to one side, and before I noticed that shift, I thrust upwards. I must have popped out right before I moved or something, because my male organ hit her leg.”

A Gruesome Injury
During a hard on, the male organ is firm – the result of a high volume of blood that is trapped in the manhood chambers. This rigid tissue can be prone to rupture if the male organ accidentally meets bone or another unyielding surface during vigorous thrusting. As the patient relates,

“As soon as I hit her leg, I heard this big popping noise, and then there was blood everywhere,” he says. “I don’t remember a whole lot about it, because I passed out due to the pain, but I know that the ambulance drivers had a lot of swabbing to do just so they could see what in the world I had done to my body.”

A Path to Healing
Minor male injuries can sometimes be handled with conservative techniques, including:
• Ice
• Over-the-counter pain relievers
• Abstaining from intimacy
• Compression bandages

But when there’s popping and bleeding, surgery is often required. That’s what happened to this man.

“I went right into the hospital after this happened, and they did surgery on the outside and the inside. Apparently, there were two layers of tissues that I broke, so they had do really dig in and try to help me to heal,” the man says. In this case, the patient had not only ruptured the manhood tissue, but also torn the urethral tube –hence all of the blood.

The recovery was slow, as he describes, and he had to abstain from any sensual activity for quite some time in order to allow everything to heal up properly. In fact, he had to take anti-firmness medications during the healing process in order to allow the damaged tissue to regenerate. Luckily, he reports that he has normal function now, and he and his wife are using the missionary position almost exclusively at this point.

Larger Issues
While some couples get frisky and adventurous because they’re tipsy or inspired, some men go to extremes simply because their male tissues don’t work as well as they should. They can’t feel things down below, so they have to do unusual and dangerous things in order to make sensual activities even worthwhile.

A male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. A quality product contains ingredients that can support the nerves that line the male organ, and these products can also keep the skin soft and supple, so those nerves won’t have to deal with interference from damaged skin. With a product like this, men might be able to feel sensations so acutely that they won’t need to get crazy in order to get off. That could be the key to preventing a horrific injury.