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Manifesting Solutions to your problems pressures/Manifesting action to achieve abundance in 7 rules

For those enamored with the Law of Attraction, you know that in order to achieve abundance you must take action. You may, however, be surprised by some of the Rules for Action listed below. Perhaps you are thinking the right thoughts and feeling the right feelings, but are you actually taking the right actions?

Dynamic action is always far better than passive inertia. Being a passive participant allows you to watch your life as a movie. Being an active participant allows you to star in the leading role. Which role do you choose?

While taking massive action, you may feel as if you are running around like a mad elephant at first, but eventually you will start running like a deer straight towards your goal. Don’t know where the goal is right now? No harm! All that matters is that you move. If you go in the wrong direction, you will soon realize it and change your direction. Understand and work with the 7 rules below so you can more easily manifest right action to achieve your dreams of abundance.

Action Rule no. 1

Think not before you act. Each thought begins the process of creation. Random thoughts from our monkey-mind can color our intentions with obstacles. Unfocused thoughts are a heavy load and considerably weaken our life-energy.

Action Rule no. 2

Talk not before you act. Talking is a distraction. You need to be free, both inwardly and outwardly, so you will be able to perceive the next right and perfect action.

Action Rule no. 3

Silence the mind before you act. You can simply be silent or you can pray and meditate; prayer is heard immediately by the Universe. Silence helps us to be present with our most sincere, humble and grateful self. When we know the art of silencing the mind, we can accomplish our tasks faster because of our laser sharp focus.

Action Rule no. 4

Expect not a perfect result from your action. When the result is different from your expectation, you may be frustrated and feel that you have failed. Instead, feel that action itself is a great blessing but the result of your action is only one experience. In the highest sense, failure and success are experiences that help us to develop and expand our consciousness. Regard the result of your action as the exact experience God wanted you to have.

Action Rule no. 5

Decide not before you act. Decisions are made with the mind and will be challenged and devoured by hesitation and procrastination. Act spontaneously from the expansive and creative consciousness of your heart and soul.

Action Rule no. 6

Take not action for action’s sake. Nor should you take action motivated by material desire alone. Each desire-action makes you feel how weak, powerless, helpless and meaningless you are. Instead, take aspiration-action. This makes you feel how strong, powerful, soulful and meaningful you are. Action must be taken to fulfill a higher goal.

Action Rule no. 7

Before taking action, begin with inspiration. While you are in action, bring forward your aspiration for something higher and more meaningful. After you finish taking action, surrender the results with non-attachment. In this way the Universe can give to you what you actually need in order to go forward, rather than what you want in order to please yourself.

You must act. If you choose to live a life of inaction, then you are telling God that you do not want to be a player in His Game. We are each a representative of the divine here on earth. Action is perfect when it is of the highest inspiration and aspiration and for the most divine manifestation.

The secret of manifesting anything is in taking right action. By avoiding action, satisfaction will never dawn. It is only in activity that you can make progress and achieve. It is in action, in creation and in manifestation, that you find real satisfaction, real abundance. Manifest by taking action; you will achieve and manifest your highest dreams of life’s abundance!

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