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Many people are becoming alarmed.

Many people are becoming alarmed about the presence of bed bugs in their homes. Most of these people are parents and they are thinking about their children.

You see, most children are very prone to bed bug bites. That is why these concerned parents have come up with questions as to the availability of bed bug repellents and whether or not insect repellents will really effectively repel bed bugs, too.
Research has shown that insect repellents do not really have any effect on bed bugs. For some other insects, yes they may be effective. But for bed bugs, insect repellents are powerless. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that insect repellents were made with mosquitoes, flies and other insects (other than bed bugs) in mind. Perhaps too, this is because bed bugs have different compositions in their bodies and body systems. They are more unique and complex. There have also been tests that prove that insect repellant doesn’t work since the bed bugs will directly insert their proboscis directly on the skin where “repellant” was applied.
Aside from all these facts, insect repellents are also short lived on the skin. They only last for a few hours. They also easily rub off the skin through contact with the beddings and fabrics.
My advice for the concerned parents is for them to be vigilant and careful to their homes – especially on their beds. They should be doubly cautious in inspecting fabrics, beddings, blankets and other places that may be harborages of bed bugs. They should also employ the various methods of controlling and eliminating bed bugs. Some of these are the non-chemical methods like freezing, steaming, monitoring and sanitation. Another means is to use the chemical methods like using insecticides and pesticides.
So all in all, no insect repellent for bed bugs yet; but you may use the modern chemical and non-chemical methods of controlling – perhaps even eliminating bed bugs.

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