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MCAT Preparation Tips- How To Get High on The Scores

The MCAT or Medical College Admission Test scores are the most sought after when it comes to taking admissions in the medical schools of United States and Canada. This makes MCAT the mostMCAT study guides definitely prove beneficial but what helps the most is a good study plan. Here is an instrumental study plan for your MCAT preparation.

1.Time It Out:

Whatever you do and wherever you are, try and decide on a four to five months period which you can exclusively devote to your MCAT preparation. Start studying three to four days a week and then with time you can increase your study frequency. This means during your initial stages you devote 24 hours a week to your studies.

2.Share It Equally:

You should divide your study plan in such a manner that all the four sections of MCAT- biological, physical, verbal reasoning and writing sample- get the equal share of your time and you are not left out in any of them.
You can also divide the time considering your strengths and weaknesses. Devote more time to your weaker sections and a bit of less time to your stronger ones. It is advisable to start with never-done-before topics.


Keep your study plan as diversified as possible and don’t stick to a particular subject for too long. This can make the MCAT preparation a tiresome and boring routine.

4.Final hours:

A month before the MCAT exam it is advisable to increase your study frequency and put more hours into it. Take timed practice tests so that you get used to the timed testing environments.
A good study plan along with a self-explanatory MCAT study guide can help you conquer the exam that opens the door to all good medical colleges for you.

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