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Medical Transcription Jobs In India

Medical Transcriptionist job is also abbreviated as “MT”.The MT professional not only requires mechanical typing work and profound medical knowledge but also necessitates to go through lot of references like medical books and dictionaries such as Stedman’s, Quick look, English Dictionaries, and all the probable clinical guides. Therefore, Medical Transcriptionists are also called Medical Language Specialists.

The working process of medical transcription depends on the listening capacity before entering this field. First of all a junior MT finishes typing the content it is forwarded to editor, then the editor will review the work done by the junior. As soon as the editing work is done it goes ahead to Quality Analyst (QA) or Quality Controller (QC). The principal work of quality personnel is to fulfill the gaps which were left blank by the editors and clarify the discrepancies if there are any and then a proof-reader will thoroughly review the documents for its grammatical errors.

In US for MT’s it is paid on hourly basis up to $16 while Indian Transcriptionists earn from Rs. 1000 to Rs.50, 000 per month. Indian Medical Transcription professionals can earn a heavy amount in lakhs if they are successful in getting home transcription job by direct contract from US as each of the dollars earned in US becomes almost 50 times more value than that of an Indian rupee.

There is always a sustained and high level of demand for transcription services across the world due to the continuous requirement for electronic documentation that can be communicated easily among providers, third-party payers, regulators, consumers, and health information systems.On the other hand, the medical transcription (MT) professionals are needed in greater number to amend the patient records, edit documents from speech recognition systems, and identify discrepancies in the medical reports.

Skills in demand:

Medical transcription work requires specific skillset and knowledge in order to grab the job opportunities and build the career. It is not compulsory to have sound educational background and vast knowledge in this particular field, even after the completion of high school studies also one can adhere as medical transcriptionists. A quest for the skillful medical transcription services will be continued to spurr by a growing and aging population. Older age groups will proportionately receive more number of medical tests, treatments, and procedures which has to be documented by MT’s. For being a successful MT the key requirements are accurate keyboarding skill, excellent verbal and written communication skills along with a good command on English language. MT should also need to be aware of medical terminology, abbreviations, surgical terms and procedure etc. which are attained personally through on-job training.

If one wants to begin a career in medical transcription, it is required to understand a plenty of facts regarding the work specifications. The foremost point of worry is to find out the right training institute. Though there are many authenticated online schools that offer the best training on medical transcription make sure of the institute’s reputation before going to the site for attending the training program.

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