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Good health is starved by all. A good health refers to physical, mental and social wellbeing. On a microscopic level, health is looked upon as proper functioning of all the body organs and metabolic system. Healthy body is the temple of a healthy mind. A physically well maintained person only can enjoy the benefits of a social life. There are many hindrances to a good health. Migraine is one of the most widely spreading disease affecting more than 28 million people worldwide.


Migraine is amongst one of the most dreadful diseases haunting a good health. It is name given to a combination of severe headaches and sensitivity towards flashing lights and heavy noises. The patient also suffers the headache accompanied by blind-spot, nausea, vomiting, tingling in arms and legs. These pains can reside from couple of minutes to weeks. Migraine is severe headache caused in peripheral parts of the skull which generally keeps on switching places. Migraine causes decrease in blood circulation in the body, emptying stomach into the intestine giving result to diarrhea and also affects the heart rate in some cases.

Migraine is result of swollen and tangled blood vessel resulting in secretion of chemicals from nerve fibers around these blood vessels. These chemicals cause inflammation, pain and further enlargement of the artery. These enlarged arteries can lead to heart problems.


Migraine shows many warning signs. It starts as a dull ache and get worse within minutes lasting from 6 minutes to as long as 2 days. Headache is accompanied by nausea and vomits, high sweating, numbness, tingling sensations, weakness and chills are experienced in many body parts. Not only pains but a patient also suffers from problem of concentrating, trouble finding words making the patient feel mentally dull. It also hinders the thinking ability by making it abrupt and hazy. Its effect last throughout even if the pain doesn’t. It doesn’t only cause pain in head but also affect other parts like neck pain and severe spinal pains. This small disease, migraine causes high level of unease in the patient with chronicle health problems and should be treated with great care at its initial stages.


To shun the effect of migraine pain, the patient should drink more and more of water to avoid after-effects like diarrhea, nausea and maintain water level in body while vomiting. To get over the triggering effects of light and sound one should rest in a quite and dark room. One should sooth his head with a cold cloth to keep the temperature in check. One should strictly follow the prescription given by doctor consisting of antidepressants, blood pressure controlling medicines. It can be corrected by vision correction treatments and feeding the patient with special and healthy diet. It can be easily traced by scans and MRI.

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