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Menopause and Diminished Sex Drive

Is a diminished sex drive after menopause a serious health issue?

Many otherwise healthy women experience a diminished sex drive after menopause.

This does not happen to every woman. Each woman is different and her health is a very unique thing.

Studies indicate that at least fifty percent of women encounter a drop in sexual activity either because of loss of libido or vaginal dryness. However, ten percent of menopausal women actually report an increase in their libido during this time.

When women go through menopause, there is a drop in several different hormones. This is a normal part of aging and is not a health problem.

However, it can create problems for a woman who normally had a healthy sex drive and after menopause, has a diminished sex drive.

The hormones that drop after menopause are estrogen, testosterone (Yes! It effects both men and women), and progesterone, among others.

Hormones decline naturally with age and for some women, this means they are just not as interested in sex as before menopause.

This can mean that women are not as easily aroused as before, and that they are less sensitive to touching and stroking than they were before menopause.

This is often frustrating for women who had a healthy sex drive before menopause.

Some women choose to have HRT, which is hormone replacement therapy. Taking small amounts of testosterone can help to increase your sex drive and your pleasure related to orgasm. However, some women choose not to do this, because HRT has been linked to some health problems, such as an increased risk of breast cancer.

The other problem is that the hormones used in HRT sometimes do not have the same effect as the hormones produced naturally in the woman’s body.

There are no quick answers to the health question of menopause and a diminished sex drive.

Most women consult their doctor to address this health issue, and some even consult a therapist to address any underlying causes of a diminished sex drive. Most women feel that improving communication in their marriage and making sure they have a healthy marriage can improve their sex drive.

Each woman must make her own decisions about whether or not to have HRT after menopause. For some women with a diminished sex drive, this seems to be the answer.

For others, there may be other health concerns. This is a decision that is best made with plenty of research and talking with a knowledgeable doctor.


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