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Mexico Vacations

Mexico is a place so lively that even its nationally celebrated Day of the Dead feels like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. That’s Mexico for you!

Bordered in the south by Guatemala and Belize and in the north by the United States of America, Mexico is a large country that covers a surface area of 761 thousand square miles. It is comprised of 31 different states and the federal district and surrounded by no less than four coasts – the Sea of Cortes, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Beaches? Mexico has plenty of those. Fun in the sun? That goes with the territory, of course. Cultural diversity? Mexico vacations offer you no less than a millennial culture of Olmecan tribe (the first civilization that made its appearance in the peninsula around 1500 BC), rich European traditions and history, plus indigenous art and architecture. Did you think Egypt was the only place on earth that has pyramids? Think again! Mexico is home to two of the world’s largest pyramids: The largest is Cheop’s in Egypt; the second largest is the Pyramic of Cholula; and the third largest is Piramide del Sol or the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Just choose which of the following Mexico vacations you want and be transported to a whole new world of travel.

Travel through History.

Mexico is one of the few nations that has something truly unique to offer: a historic past to be proud of. Before Christopher Columbus discovered America and Hernan Cortes came to Mexico in search of the elusive El Dorado, the Golden City, Mexico was already alive and thriving under the Mayans and the Aztecs. Other cultures that emerged in this rich land of promises include:

* Oaxaca: Zapotec and Mixteca cultures
* Gulf Coast: Olmec, Totnaca, and Huasteca cultures
* Central Plateau: Teotihuacan, Toltec, Mexica, and other cultures of the plateau.

By choosing a Mexico vacation that seeks to discover this country’s rich past, you’ll be tracing the roots of the proud people of Mexico and how such a civilization came to be.

Commune with Nature.

Offering tons of hiking trails, national parks, biosphere reserves, and other protected areas, Mexico leaves you open to the true wonders of nature. It is home to a vast number of plant and animal species, many of them native and can only be found in the tropical climate of this country. Here you will find a cornucopia of desert plants, rain forests, water plants, herbs, endemic plant species, and mushrooms. You will also find many unique butterfly species, reptiles and amphibians, and other mammals.

Culture and Society.

With such a rich history, it therefore goes without saying that Mexico has, if anything, an interesting culture and society. However, when you go on Mexico vacations, you will find yourself face to face with the diverse culture of this splendid country.

It is found in the art of its people, the maximum expression of the human spirit and a lifestyle in and of itself, its fiestas and traditions that reflect the zest, joy, and folklore inherent in Mexican traditions, and food, which Mexicans feel is the most pleasurable experience at any hour of any given day.

Put simply – Mexico is a must-see.

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