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Millstone Coffee Beans, The Journey To Your Cup

A cup of coffee is like a galss of wine each of them has their own distinctive tasteSimilar to the taste of wines not every cup of coffee has the same taste. Each coffee bean takes an unique journey from the plant to the consumers coffee cup. The path an indivisual coffee bean takes from the plant on a hillside to your coffee cup can take a varitey of paths, and results in many different experiences for the consumer.

Truck stops are notorious for promoting a thick, black liquid like substance that they proudly call coffee, and will often times offer free refills if you so dare. Conversely there are higher quality coffee products from businesses like Millstone Coffee who source coffee from some of the most remote and fertile coffee growing areas of the world. From regions like South America, Central America, Africa, Indonesia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, and they take enormous pride in the process of creating the preferred cup of coffee they can produce.

It All Begins With The Fruit Of The Coffee Plant

Coffee beans begin as what are commonly called “cherries” which are the fruit of a coffee tree. These “cherries” are then individually harvested from the coffee trees when they are perfectly ripe and ready to be picked. The growers must be very specific about which cherries they harvest from the coffee plant because not all cherries on a plant will ripen at the same time.

Processing The Coffee Fruit

Next the cherry is put into a pulping machine where it is stripped and the actual coffee bean is exposed and seperated from the cherry’s skin. And then the beans are spread out on hard surfaces, typically concrete, to dry in the natural heat of the sun.

Roasting Coffee

Next to the origin and quality of the coffee bean the roasting of the bean is what separates most coffees in taste, flavor and experience. Each individual roaster preferes his own methods, systems and tricks to create the style and flavor of coffee they desire. Millstone Coffee Beans are created by paying close attention to the timing of the roasting process. They decide exactly when they want to crack a coffee bean to produce the desired light or medium roasts, or the more full-bodied dark roasts like espresso beans. The roast masters at Millstone Coffee apply a touch of water at just the right moment to lock in the quality and taste they are looking for.

Mixing Coffee Beans

Mixing coffee beans to create flavorful and unique coffee blends is one of Millstone Coffee Companies preferred skills. They have mastered the art of creating blends of coffee that can only be experienced from Millstone Coffee products. . When the blends are complete the final products are expedited to retailers to guarantee a fresh product every time.

Making The Coffee

After both Mother Nature and the Millstone Coffee Company’s roast masters have completed their job the final product come together when the coffee is prepared. Your senses will come alive when the premium Arabica beans are ground and the brewing process begins. First from the fresh aroma of the brewing process to the moment of sampling when the body and flavor of some of the world’s finest coffee hits your lips.

The Millstone Coffee Company is well known for finding and producing some of the highest quality and most appreciated coffee available anywhere. In every cup of coffee they deliver their passion and commitment to excellence is tasted.

If you would like to sample Millstone Coffee Beans for yourself you can locate a great selection at CoffeeForLess.Com . Reward yourself with a cup of satisfaction today.