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Miracles Can Happen Even When We Don’t Deserve Them

Many people cannot see God in the world they live in. They feel He is in some far off place, not paying any attention to what goes on in their daily lives. The problems of the world weigh them down, and they cannot see the miracles going on all around them every day.

Evangelist, Lorene Hall says, “When I was younger, I never thought about miracles. I never entertained the word miracle. I didn’t hear about miracles when I was growing up in those difficult times. I would tell anybody today that God is a miracle giver. When you talk about God, you cannot talk about Him without connecting Him to miracles.”

As a young, unwed mother, living during a time of segregation and poverty, Lorene brought herself out of the depths of depression with a rebirth of faith. When her infant son was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, her faith became even stronger. She prayed to God for a miracle, and got one. The doctor’s gave her son less than five days to live, now after 38 years, he is still alive and living a normal life.

Lorene believes that miracles can happen, even when we don’t deserve them. As parents we all want our children to grow up to be strong and healthy, praying for a miracle of our own when our children are ill. Learn how this mother raised a miracle child through a life threatening illness, and how you can deepen the faith in your life.

In order to have miracle causing belief:
– Put God first.
– Acknowledge there is a God.
– Accept Christ as our Lord and Savior.
– Believe that when adversity looms, there is a way out.
– Find God to be truth.
– Regardless of what we did in the past, God forgives us.
– Do not feel guilty any more.

Following these steps will lead you to joy and peace. It will be a comfort, bringing solace in times of trouble. You will see your faith lead to healing and second chances. Even when tragedy falls upon you, and everything seems impossibly bleak, faith will see you through.

Whether you have a child with a life threatening condition, or some other type of personal tragedy, having faith is an important thing. Maintain your faith through these trying times:

– Study the Bible.
– Become a believer.
– Believe the word of God because you can stand on the word of God. The word is how you know who God is, and know the promises He made to us. The word teaches faith.
– Know God for yourself. See what God is saying to you about personal salvation and a personal life with Him.

Use prayer as a proactive tool to learn how to grow your faith so that important miracles can happen. Prayer is powerful, connecting you to God. It allows you to tell God how you feel and hear what He has to say. Ask God to help you even when you have doubts from a crisis of faith. You can ask God anything, and He will tell you anything. God will understand you when no one else can.

If you are raising a child with a life threatening illness, or know someone who is, implement some of these powerful techniques to ease the pain for both of you:

– Be gentle and compassionate.
– Give a lot of care.
– Do it all with love.
– Remember that even if you are tired and frustrated, he or she is the one suffering. Take all the time you need, even if it means staying up all night.
– Stand by the bed, talk, encourage, and say everything will be alright.
– Just be there.

Focus on making God the center of your life. When you do that, there is nothing you can’t ask God to do. He is concerned about your struggles, and what you are going through. Your faith will make you feel special, give you self esteem, and bring you to a place of peace and contentment.

The most important thing is to show love. Your strength will come from God. There are amazing things that happen over and over again in this world. Miracles do happen.

Dr. Proactive, Randy Gilbert enjoys producing the “Inside Success Show”. He presents his insightful interview with Lorene Hall based upon the revelations from her book. You can hear the entire inspirational interview for free by going to: