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MN Shutdown: 3 Steps to Break Through the Stalemate

I was disgusted by the comments made by those who support the shutdown. One person said, “the state has been shut down for over a week, now, and I don’t see any change in my life. It’s time to cut the entitlements!” Then, Governor Pawlenty bragged to the press that during his tenure, they (the Republicans) should have “let the shutdown run longer so they could get what they want!”

Today’s paper talked about bars running out of liquor. Maybe this is the best thing that happened to our state. I feel for the restaurants and bars that lose money. But it’s time for our lawmakers to feel the pain. When they can’t buy a drink at a Twins game, or they have to bring their own lunch because a restaurant had to close because they couldn’t get inspected, maybe they will come back to the bargaining table with some REAL solutions…Win-Win solutions, instead of the Win-Lose they are now pushing.

There are three steps that will allow lawmakers to break free of their stalemate.

It’s time for field trips. Enforced field trips. ALL our lawmakers need to go, together, and visit:

Nursing homes; Social services that serve the handicapped and aged; Restaurants who can’t be inspected; Talk to the jockeys and employees of Canterbury Downs and Running Aces Harness Track; The state employees who can’t pay their bills; The child care providers who aren’t being paid(…while a majority of the lawmakers who created this mess continue to take a paycheck.) The parents who are losing their jobs because they don’t have child care.

Then they need to be locked in a room to look at how Minnesota was run 20 years ago when it was “well run.” There was a balance of taxes and managed expenditures.

Finally, they need to do an exercise where they envision the best year Minnesota has ever had. What does a well-run state look like? How do we treat the helpless within our population? How do we help our hospitals provide great service without being bludgeoned by the expenses of caring for people without insurance?

It’s time for you–our so-called leaders to step into the role you have. Act as Great Leaders by looking at both sides of the issue. Just because the national parties have one-note agendas doesn’t mean you, as a Great Leader, have to follow in lock-step. Don’t let the bullies force you to follow an agenda that doesn’t serve our great state.

Or Minnesota won’t be a great state anymore.

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