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Mobile dating etiquette

Do you have your cell phone almost always within reach? The mobile phone today takes place in a prom intent to date a woman. The following DOs and DON’Ts are therefore indispensable if you are dating!

DO NOT stray

How tempting it is to laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang response to send to his simple “Hi you?”, But try to be brief. It is anyway better to have deep conversations should be kept for when you really see him. I always make a game of which I force myself the text messages shorter than 87 characters (my favorite number) to make. So I make sure that I do not like a headless chicken keep going.

DO send flirty texts

Note the fact that I “flirtatious” and said not ‘sexy’. It is best to stay with a few sweet words to keep. A friend of mine sent me, “I have all day looking for something but could not figure out what … until I realize that your lips were delicious!” To her boyfriend and he was pleasantly surprised. If you are here too shy or you’re your friend not long enough to know such a sweet text messages is “How’s the handsome man in my life?”, Also good. Each man will thus put a smile on his face.

DO NOT leave your phone lying on the table during meals

Unless you’re Barack Obama, it is not necessary. It comes across like you want to say, “I hope that someone more interesting / important to call me.” Leave your phone in your bag down and see your posts when you go to the toilet. Maybe your husband will not admit it, but he secretly wants the whole evening to do your full attention.

DO give each other full attention

Life is full of distractions. But if you’re on the phone with him, make sure that all possible confounding factors are eliminated. It’s so annoying that when you talk with a man, but he listens with one ear because now he is watching television. If you are not convenient to talk, ask him or you may call back. Otherwise, you just need to make sure you’re all ears for what the other wants to tell.

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