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Models, Methods and Skills of Social Work Practice – Distance Learning Social Work Degree

Distance learning social work degree courses provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are needed for operating in complex social environments. Most of these courses have a commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the social services sector and focus on maintaining high standards and excellence in their programs. The students develop the ability to respond to individual and community issues of homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, mental health concerns, oppression, crisis and other factors that determine the health of the region. Family work, group facilitation, advocacy and proposal writing are integral to these programs.

Course Content

Apart from the theoretical models presented to the students, practical training is imparted through group work, life skills methodologies, community organizing and development skills. Many distance learning social work degree programs expect the students to have 750 hours of field experience in at least two different placements. The universities themselves maintain relationships with a number of institutions, which impart such placement trainings. The student can choose to acquire training with any of the associated institutions or acquire it from their place of work. All students are required to have a police reference check completed before field placement. The police in whose jurisdiction the permanent address of the student is located in carries out such checks.


As a part of its distance learning social work degree program, Ontario College at St. James Campus has a Social Service worker program that displays a commitment to evolve and respond to the changing needs of diverse communities in large urban areas. The Breyer State University has a number of counseling programs at the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels. Walden University offers a doctoral degree in Human Services with specialization in clinical social work. This degree is partly residential. The Capella University offers a MS and a PhD in Human services with a specialization in Social and Community Services. A weeks residency is required for the PhD program.

The Bellevue University has a Bachelors degree in Human and Social Services Administration. The Canadian Virtual University is a partnership of Canadian Universities and offers more than 250 degrees, diplomas and certificates online. It has distance learning social work degree programs called Bachelor of Social work, Bachelor of Social work (as second degree) and Bachelor of Social Work Native Human Services. The Florida State University has a Master of Social Science degree while the Michigan State University offers a Master of Social Work degree. The University of Washington School of Social Work offers a Masters in Social work.

Taking a distance learning social work degree program is a commitment to the service of others. It entails a lot of personal sacrifice and dedication. If you are person with a drive to serve others selflessly, social work degrees are what you are looking for to further your career prospects. Locate the university of your choice and affirm your commitment to a specific are of social work or generalize on the subject by selecting an appropriate course!

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