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Mona Vie Scam – A Realistic Review

Mona Vie was founded in January 2005 by a 17-year direct sales veteran Daillin Larsen, with the basic idea that his wellness product should set itself apart from the others in the market.

Aside from the medicinal Acai berry juice, he wanted to add other fruit juices. With the help of a team of scientists, Larsen was able to combine the added 19 other fruit juices into what is Mona Vie today.

The original and active juices are: blend of acai (freeze-dried and puree), concentrates from white grape, apple, acerola, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, apricot, prune, kiwi, blueberry, wolfberry, pomegranate, lychee, camu-camu, puree of pear, banana, bilberry, citric acid, and additives.

Mona Vie was sold in the market with claims of natural healing properties like boosting the body’s immune system among other things.

The product

Mona Vie is now sold all over the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. Today, it had gained enough brand recognition thanks to the company’s continuous advertising efforts.

The acceptance and name-recall is also due in part to the people’s growing awareness on the importance of maintaining health. Mona Vie is trumpeted to have antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that can help fight serious illnesses.

Business model

Mona Vie, like most of the other directly-sold and distributed products, operates on multi-level marketing. They have several steps in making good money in the company.

1) Direct sales. The deal is you purchase at wholesale price and sell at retail for about 15% markup. You can recruit your team (your “downline”) from your regular customers and make them part of the company.

2) Bulk Order bonus. If your purchase volume goes 200 or beyond, each time someone you have sponsored make a bulk order, you get paid.

3) First Order Bonus. Qualified distributors also earn a one-time bonus (at least 200 PV) for bringing in new distributors under you.

4) Star Maker Bonus. Qualified distributors (with at least 200 PV) make $40 each time someone they sponsor makes it to the rank of “star”.

5) Team Commissions. Mona Vie adopts the binary system in MLM. This means that the team is placed in one of two legs in your sponsor’s organization. The compensation will then be based on successfully building two legs of your own. Your sponsor may place people in your group. You are entitled to team commissions based on the total volume generated in your lesser leg.

6) Executive Check Match. Getting to be an executive means another bonus.

7) Leadership Pools. Another level where the company reserved 1% of the total company GV for the elite group of Mona Vie Blue Diamonds.

8) Multiple Business Centers. The law of numbers at work: more business centers, more chances of earning.

Future outlook

Mona Vie had been troubled in the past with a number of law suits all under the grounds of misrepresentation, false claims, and alleged sales scams. It did not do much damage.

The probable key to Mona Vie’s success could be attributed to its network of sellers and distributors. The business model could have been fine-tuned all through the years and could work for more years to come.

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