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Motivation To Sell Your Quilt

Motivation as described in the dictionary is “a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody want to do something, or something that causes such a feeling”.

Motivation is the feeling that keeps people performing even when obstacles arise. To be motivated and moving forward is the key to success.

The key to motivation is discovering why the “something” is important.

1. Question your motives for wanting to sell your quilts and write them down, go back to them over the next few days and see if you can refine them to get to your deepest personal reasons. Are they to make money and if so why is this important to you. Is it to find a sense of respect in an area you feel you are good in? Is it to be able to express your artistic talent through the designing and selling of your quilts? This first question will give you an understanding of the “why” that will make you keep going.

2. Knowing your reasons are just a start to keeping motivated. When you have your reasons question yourself about how you are going to feel if you do not make a go at selling your quilts. It is the emotions that keep you going to achieve and understanding both the emotions that will make you feel good by selling and the emotions that will make you feel bad by not selling will help immeasurably to keep you on track.

3. Start a notepad (if possible hang something on the wall where you will see it a lot, a large whiteboard is great) and make a list of all the components of the business of selling your quilts. It doesn’t matter if you know how to do the components or not, everything can be learnt. A notepad or to-do-list will be your anchor to the business. It will never disappear only change but having everything there in front of you will help keep you organized and on track.

4. Start every morning with the worst job on the notepad, or part of the worst job on the notepad if the job is a biggy. This is a fantastic way to give yourself confidence and does not take all that much discipline. Doing a job that you really would prefer not to builds your belief in yourself and the more confidence you have the further you will push yourself. Many people do not like making phone calls to strangers, this is a perfect morning job. You’ll feel great after you have finished and the rest of the day will be for the work you enjoy.

5. Dividing tasks into smaller parts is necessary to keep you motivated. This is called chunking down or as I prefer “fairy steps”. Fairy steps get you where you want to go one small step at a time. It is easy to see the next little step where as it can be quite daunting to see the huge project as one thing. Nothing is one big thing, there are always parts and the parts can be broken down into smaller portions that can be performed in a timely manner. The thing that matters most is that you just keep taking the next step.

6. The last thing to remember is to congratulation yourself for every task you accomplish that takes you closer to the end goal. Being hard on yourself is one of the worst motivation squishes there is. Expecting more of yourself than you do others is great to keep you moving but being overly hard on yourself will only make you feel bad and in the end you will sabotage all your efforts and lose motivation.

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