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Mount Lebanons World Class Ski Resorts

The Mount Lebanon region is an outdoor adventure lovers paradise. With high, snow capped mountains running north to south through the centre of the country, this region offers a rocky, rugged terrain that is perfect for a variety of outdoor sports and adventure activities.

On the west side of the mountain range, the foothills slope down to the sunny Mediterranean coast.

On the east side stretches the wide, agricultural Bekaa Valley. At the height of Mount Lebanons peaks are excellent opportunities for skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, and other winter and outdoor adventure sports.

At high altitudes, the famed ancient cedar trees of Lebanon still grow in this region, their large, majestic green canopies towering over a backdrop of white, snow covered hills.

At the southern end of Mount Lebanon, the Chouf region is home to the countries largest nature reserve, the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve, a mountainous forested area with an abundance of trees, birds, endangered mammals and unique plant life. The Reserve is a popular destination for hikers, bikers, and bird watchers.

Scattered throughout Mount Lebanon are interesting historical and cultural sites, making for a unique blend of natural and historical attractions.

Visit the quaint villages in the Chouf Mountains to get a taste of the traditional rural life of the region.

Tour the ornate reception rooms and baths of the Beiteddine Palace to get a taste of the 19th century life of the Emirs. To go even further back in history, visit the ruins of Jbail, on the coast, where there are remains of settlements dating back to the Stone Age.

What to see and do in Mount Lebanon Take to the slopes at one of Mount Lebanons world class ski resorts.

Hike through the ancient cedar forests of the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve and take in the breathtaking panoramic views from the peaks of the Reserves rugged mountains.

A beautifully restored Ottoman era chambers, bathhouses, and the large museum of Byzantine and Roman mosaics.

Explore the layers of ruins from Lebanons ancient civilizations at the coastal city of Jbail, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and the birthplace of the Roman alphabet.

Enjoy walking along small avenues lined with stone, red roofed buildings in a traditional Chouf village, such as Deir El Qamar and enjoy a taste of the traditional cuisine at a small local restaurant or cafe. Go mountain biking or hiking along one of the many mountain trails that cover Mount Lebanons rugged peaks.

Visit the cool mountain villages and summer resorts throughout the region, a popular local destination for summer holidays and weekend getaways.

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