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Move House Without Stress

Moving house or undergoing a change of residence is widely acknowledged to be a thoroughly stressful activity. Surveys on adult stress scale in fact rank house move next only to the tragic death of one’s spouse as the cause of stress. These studies indicate that moving house is often particularly stressful for children and is sometimes associated with long-term problems.

The immediate cause of stress is the laborious and time-consuming task of packing all your possessions. If the helter-skelter this entails doesn’t get you pulling at your hair, the need for a safe storage of your perishable possessions will. You are also likely to bite your nails for fear that your fragile appliances will shatter as they are loaded into the truck mover.

You can eliminate most of the stress in moving house if you let a professional moving company do the job. It is even better if the moving company has an efficient storage capability for that purpose. A professional home movers with a long experience and unenviable record of service will ensure a fast, stress-free and efficient change of residence or office.

Get a full-service moving company trained and qualified to move all types of furniture and equipment. Some of these firms even offer free estimates with no hidden fees that will surprise you after the move. They will do all the packing and unpacking for you and offer such services as portable storage that means less confusion for the move of personal items.

You can help speed things along by doing simple tasks that the move requires. If you are moving into a newly constructed home you need to ensure that your gas and electricity meters and supply have been installed and connected to the mains before requesting a connection. If you are not connected to the mains you usually need to provide at least one month’s notice prior to moving in to allow sufficient time for new meters to be installed and connected to the mains supply.

Your new energy provider will arrange for the meter in your new home to be read on the day you move in (provided you have given sufficient notice). Please note that your local electricity distributor (and gas distributor if you have mains gas) will usually charge a fee for the final meter read at your old property and a fee for the initial meter read at your new property. These charges are passed on by your electricity and Gas Company and will appear on your first bill as connection fees.

On the day you move in you need to ensure that your electricity is switched off at the mains to permit the distributor to insert a new fuse. Forget to turn off the main switch of power supply to your new home and will remain disconnected until you are able to arrange for the distributor to make another visit, usually 2-3 days later. You will also be charged an additional fee for the revisit.

Although your meters in your new and old homes will be read by your distributors, we recommend that on the day you move into your new home you write down your gas and electricity meter readings (both for your new home and the home you have left) and to check these against the final bill for your previous home and the first bill for your new home. This will ensure that you don’t get billed for someone else’s energy use.

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