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Muscle Building Supplements – How To Choose The Right Ones

If you just walked into the health store to purchase muscle building supplements, you are probably lost, confused and being pushed a dozen products by the salesman. But, how do you know which supplements are the right products for your goals? There are various levels of muscle building supplements and some may not be right for you. But, there are a handful that are excellent choices for anyone looking to build muscle.

Remember, you don’t always need these supplements to build muscle, but these will definitely accelerate you towards your goals. They work as a tool to help you increase your potential for muscular development. They help in muscle growth, and quicker recovery times. Some important ingredients of muscle building supplements are:

Protein: The protein supplements are full of amino acids which are the building blocks for your muscles. Make sure that you include a supplement that takes into account proteins. You can take up to one to two grams of protein per pound of your weight. If you don’t want to take them in a pill form, get the protein through shakes or even bars. Also, look for those that contain eggs, whey, soy or casein.

Creatine: The next important ingredient in the supplement you choose should be creatine. It will help to increase muscle mass by decreasing muscle fatigue and improving muscle recovery. It helps to increase something called ATP which is an energy source that will allow you to do more reps of higher weight. It is recommended that this should be taken in cycles e.g. four weeks on it then two weeks off of it.

Micro-nutrients – multivitamins and multiminerals: Many people mistakenly assume that they are getting enough vitamins and minerals through their normal diet. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We would have to consume extremely large quantities of food to get the recommended daily intake. An easier approach would be to supplement our diet with a good quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement. If you do not have one specific mineral in your diet, this can slow down your ability to develop muscles or improve your health.

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