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Muscle Mind – How To Build Muscle With Your Mind

Meditative walks are a very unique and efficient way to ensure relief from stress while ensuring the simultaneous loss of weight as well. When you relax in this way, it increases the circulation of blood to those regions of the brain that are mainly responsible for inducing these meditative walks. Initially, when you have just started about with the process of meditative walks, it is very important to stay aware of, as well as to practice, the right way to breathe while performing these meditative walks. If instead of panting or exercising short breaths, you choose to breathe slowly and patiently, then this implies that your brain is currently undergoing some type of cognitive activity.

The brain must be in a cognitive state of mind, in order to experience peace of mind or calmness of mind. You can get into this calm state of mind by taking in deep breaths, and with every breath, monitoring how the air that you inhale fills into your lungs, and also the temperature of this air, as it brushes past the walls of your respiratory system. Doing this exercise will deeply oxygenize not only your respiratory system, but every single cell of your body. 

Oxygenating each and every cell of the body is of extreme significance in helping to break down the fat cells in one’s body. Doing this can truly accelerate, and even double the rate at which fat is burnt up by your own body, without much physical effort. Just follow this aforementioned pattern of breathing and your become capable of burning a good 130 calories more, than what you could have burnt by cycling around for a duration of 20 minutes. 

If you are looking forward to toning the muscles in specific areas of your body, at the time of your meditative walks, then individually concentrating on each muscle group or muscle definition, plays a huge part in helping to shape up that particular muscle group. When you do this, you will notice how unconsciously your walk has become graceful, shifting weight from side to side and exerting that extra effort from your intended muscle group. 

Give close attention to the way in which your stomach muscles contract and expand with each step, and the way the muscles along your legs flex and relax at each step and with each foot touching the ground. If you are smart enough to choose uneven terrains to walk on, during your meditative walks, you will notice unpredictable muscle groups getting exerted during such walks, thereby lending work outs to all possible muscle groups, instead of just one monotonous and predictable set of muscle groups.

People who concentrate on the muscles that are getting worked out at the time of their daily walks are twice more likelier to be able to lose double the weight, than those who choose to ignore the same. The reason for this is the scientific fact that when you are aware of which muscle groups are getting worked out, your brain sends more powerful and effective electrical signals along those muscle groups, enabling them to move more efficiently. 

Armed with the knowledge of meditative walks, you can tone every single muscle group of your body by just paying attention to those muscle groups and breathing right. This way losing 10 pounds per week is not a big deal anymore.

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