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My Ex Is Dating Someone Else And I Want Her Back – What Do I Do?

“My ex is dating someone else and I want her back!”

If this sounds like you, then you’re definitely not alone. Thousands of men find themselves in the exact same situation: being in love with an incredible woman who is now dating someone else.

So how do you win your girlfriend back without causing a big scene or coming across as an out-of-line jerk?

After all, you don’t want to look ten times worse in the process. Take a couple of minutes and keep reading to discover how to win your ex back from another man.

First, it’s important to understand how most men react to this situation. A man’s natural instinct when he sees his woman with another man is anger and jealousy. It’s ok to feel this way, but it’s not ok to let it get out of control.

This is where many men go wrong. They yell, scream, try to start a fight, or just cause a big scene in general.

If you want to keep your ex from closing the door on a relationship with you for good, then relax and stay under control. Otherwise, your actions will only confirm to your girlfriend that breaking up with you was the right thing to do.

You also don’t want to take the opposite route which is to become totally submissive and start begging and pleading with your ex to take you back. Don’t talk bad about the other man or try to convince her that he’s not right for her. Don’t compare yourself to him or start telling her how much you miss and love her. This will make you look weak and needy and you’ll push her deeper into another man’s heart.

Instead, understand rebound relationships are common after a breakup. They help people deal with pain and loneliness, but they rarely last. If you’re patient and just let the relationship run its course without making yourself look like the bad guy, then you’ll often get a second chance with your ex.

Accept the breakup, be happy, and continue to live your life. Be happy for her. Wish her the best with her new man and then simply back away and stay out of her relationship with him.

By doing so, you exude confidence and maturity. You become instantly more attractive in her eyes, and when you’re not around begging and pleading with her to take you back, then the real reality of losing you forever starts to set in. Once she begins missing you, that’s when she’ll want you back.

Next, here’s how to get your ex back. If you really want your girlfriend back, discover how to use tiny text messages sent from your cell phone to create attraction, heal old wounds, and repair your relationship so you can start fresh with your ex. Most experts say never text your ex after a breakup. This could be the one exception: Text Your Ex Back Review Michael Fiore