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National Victor Public School: A School Ensuring Victory

School days are probably the most exciting and colorful days in every person’s life. That’s where we learn the art of socializing with others and also develop our ideas and conceptions about the world. Like our holy books and scriptures wash our soul, in the same way education washes our mind and thoughts and helps us to illuminate ourselves. When we enter into school life, everything comes to us in a new form; new environment, new people and most importantly new guides, i.e. teachers. Teachers, after our parents, play the most important role in our lives. Apart from illuminating our lives with the light of education, teachers help us distinguish between good and bad, and influence us towards pursuing a suitable goal.

School also beautifies our lives by gifting us with one of the most beautiful relationships called friends. Friends not only fill our life with memorable moments, but also glorify our school days by positively encouraging us. Thus the role that a school plays is of grave importance. In today’s superfast world, when the whole world is developing at one pace, Indian schools are developing at quite another pace by adopting new measures to ensure every student has a secured future. Apart from providing formal education, the schools look after the all round development of students. One such school is National Victor Public School in Brahmpuri, Delhi.

National Victor Public School, with its constant and sustained efforts, has become the choice of every parent in Brahmpuri. The school is well equipped with all modern facilities like spacious class rooms, child friendly furniture, labs with world class facilities, recreation facilities, play ground, library with rich book bank, medical facilities, computer lab and most importantly well trained group of teachers. To ensure a healthy growth to each student, the principal of the school constantly monitor the activities and development of the students.

The libraries and labs provide the students the opportunity to explore the world by doing experiments. To keep the students healthy, the school has a wide play ground where students can play outdoor games. The school also encourages its students to take part in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like song, dance, drama, debate, quiz, art competition, and indoor and outdoor games. Moreover, to keep the teachers up-to-date about the latest teaching techniques, the teachers are also provided trainings after regular intervals. Workshops on different subjects are conducted by the school authorities for the students so that it will serve as a recreational facility and at the same time can give them a chance to sharpen their creativities.

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