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Natural And Unusual Balding Remedies

As with other folk remedies, balding remedies have been passed down through families from generation to generation. And quite often they use items that you probably have in your pantry. Some of these remedies may seem strange or unusual, but many people believe that these remedies truly do work.

What is even more striking is that some of these remedies truly do work on some people. These remedies have been passed down because they get results. So take a look at these old home balding remedies. At the very least they will intrigue and entertain you. At the most, they just may cure your baldness.

Eating hijiki seaweed and wakeme is used as a preventative measure to protect against baldness. Other remedies call for boiling a cup of mustard oil with four tablespoons of henna leaves to create a liquid solution. This solution is to be massaged into the balding areas each day.

Other cultures instructed hair loss victims to rub a fresh onion on the bald area until the skin of the scalp becomes red. At that time you were to apply honey to the red area. Another of the popular balding remedies is to massage coconut milk into the scalp in the area that is balding.

Copper, insitol, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E are all said to promote hair growth. All of these should be taken as supplements.

Another remedy calls for shampooing with yarrow herb tea. It is said that this tea opens the pores and stimulates hair growth. It seems that all of these remedies contained in this paragraph could be used together. Maybe they would elicit some type of results.

A topical balding remedy requires creating a paste from equal amounts of lime seeds and ground black pepper. You are to apply this directly to the scalp on the bald areas. Yet another remedy that seems as if it could be used with the other remedies is to wash your hair with cold water and rub your scalp briskly with your fingertips.

Yarrow herb tea makes another appearance in our exploration of folk balding remedies. This one says that you should drink if. Another remedy tells you how to make your own hair tonic from boiling dry amia in coconut oil. You then apply it to the bald areas. Olive oil applied to the bald areas and left overnight is another popular remedy. Taking sage is also believed to promote hair growth.

A European folk remedy is to use black rootabega. This very popular remedy is said to have a very good success rate. A paste, or “moosh” is created by shredding the rootabega with the skin on. Do not drain the juice. Put the “moosh” with the juice on the affected area for about twenty minutes every two days or do. It is said to have a rather unpleasant odor, but is highly effective. Looking back through these folk balding remedies, though, mashed up rootabega can’t smell any worse that rubbing an onion on your head.

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