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Network Marketing Leads Secrets

Copyright (c) 2010 Amy Matteson

Network Marketing Leads: The truth behind MLM lead success!

The fancy presentation with the high energy sales person sold me, but I’m not that person. How do I succeed in MLM? Do I have a chance? How do I teach duplication which is the key to network marketing success? Have you asked yourself these questions? I did when I started my career in Network Marketing back in 1999. In fact, I failed at my first crack at network marketing because I did not have a system I could duplicate in others. What I found is that the process of duplication starts well before you sponsor a new distributor. Let me explain.

Network Marketing is filled with people who are just like I was. They don’t know how to mentor. That is a big problem and has put the industry in a bad situation for a long time. The ability to mentor, train and duplicate is what separates the highest income earners from those who are failing to make any money at Network Marketing. The internet is helping solve this problem but unfortunately, many prey on struggling networkers. The secret to becoming a good mentor starts before you sponsor someone in this business! You must understand that you now work for that person and it’s your obligation to see them to success. I can hear you now “so you’re saying I have to drag the person to meetings, make them pick up the phone, make them plug into my marketing system…..what if I want it more than they do? That’s a problem isn’t it?” The answer is clearly yes but what’s important here is that before you ever sponsor anyone into your business you should be very transparent about what is required to succeed. You should have already spoken about “why” the person is getting involved in your business. You should already know how many hours per week they are going to invest building their empire. You should know how many dollars they are willing to spend on tools to help them build their business. This is all critical information to successfully mentor someone. If your prospects don’t commit to the essential basics of building a business, take it away. You heard me…tell them you won’t sponsor them. I want to make something very clear as it pertains to your perspective on sponsoring people. If you so focused on “getting people in” that you are scared to qualify them before they join, you are setting yourself, that person and the industry up for failure. YES….you’re doing more harm than good. So how do Network Marketing Leaders keep signing people up if we are turning people down because they don’t qualify? It’s very clear; we have a lead system that generates leads on auto-pilot. I say auto-pilot, it certainly takes work but just like a down-line that takes off, once you get your system in place, you can’t stop the number of leads you will get. To make things even better when they sponsor someone that was brought to them through the lead system, two critical things happen.

1. They can duplicate the process (plug into a marketing system/business plan) which provides them a road map to success. 2. They are partially qualified because they have asked to be contacted. Folks, this is critical and it impacts how you mentor someone.

If you want to be a top income earner in our industry, it starts with a proven lead system, period. You can make money in MLM!

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