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Never Sell Blindly

Don’t try to sell people into your high end program without knowing more about them and what they are looking for.

When you don’t understand who they are or what they need, there is no way you can lead them through your structured sales process to close them.

This is critical, as many people, when asked what they do, just start spouting off a whole mess of random information, hoping for the one tidbit that might spark the listener’s interest.

Instead of the anxiety and uncertainty of that approach, always start by gaining as much information as you can, first.

Learn from the person what they do, and what they are interested in. Ask them if they’ve had experiences with programs or services like yours. Ask this in general, as in, “Has your company ever invested in business coaching?”And if they say “yes”, ask them, “What were the outcomes of that? What was lacking in that experience?”

When you start to ask questions like these, you identify holes or gaps where you might be able to position your offering much more strongly.

This works in any industry. You just need to find out who the person is you’re talking to, find out what business challenges they have, and gently guide or lead them to talk about the problems they’re facing and what solutions they think they need.

Then it’s your turn to talk, taking into account all the information you just got, and tailoring your response to meet their needs. I’m not, of course, suggesting that you lie or say you can provide services you really can’t. But, at the same time, I’m also suggesting that you be flexible and try to match your services to what this person needs, and to be flexible about your offering to suit the needs of each individual client.

Let’s take my Executive Mastermind for example. I have a stable core training and a developed set of skills for this program; this is always similar from client to client. And note that I also adjust parts of this training to suit my individual clients, because they have specialized concerns or challenges due to their industry or experience level.

You can do the same thing. Create your main offering, and don’t be afraid to adjust or tweak it to suit the needs of those interested in this program. And, similarly, don’t be afraid to tailor it based on feedback so you can get more people interested in your program.

When you know who you’re speaking with, you have a greater likelihood of giving them the right information to help them move forward without delay.

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