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New Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Is someone you know having a baby? Why not surprise the happy couple with a gift basket designed to welcome their new arrival? Baskets and babies have gone together as far back as the Old Testament, when the mother of Moses placed her baby in a reed basket that floated in the Nile River where the Pharaoh’s daughter found the child and took him in. While you need not float a child anywhere today, an attractive basket makes a great container for a shower or new baby gift.

Consider a diaper hamper. Like a clothes hamper, a soiled diaper receptacle receives the baby’s worn diapers until they can be cleaned for the next use. Hampers often have plastic liners to protect their sides from contamination from the diapers. The actual hamper may be made of woven material to resemble a large basket. Buy a new one and fill it with disposable diapers to give the new mother a break. Add plastic pants or pull-up size for when the baby becomes a toddler to give the parents something to look forward to.

Another type of hamper to offer as a gift is a smaller version of the adult kind for the baby’s clothing. Try to match it with those used by the parents for a coordinated effect. Otherwise, choose a neutral color (unless you know the baby’s sex) and place Dreft detergent, baby shampoo, an infant’s bath set, and oil or powder for the child’s diaper care. New moms will love the practical and convenient aspects of this gift.

You may want to purchase a toy basket, unless the little one already has received a toy chest. You may need to ask the parents about this one before buying it. The basket could be large enough to hold some, if not all, the child’s larger toys, like boxes of blocks or stuffed animals. Add a new toy of your own to fill the basket before wrapping it with a pink or blue ribbon (or both) for the special day.

A laundry basket makes a great place to store baby linens for the crib, like fresh blankets, sheets, and quilts. The basket can set near the crib or in the closet of the baby’s room for easy access. Fill it with new crib linens and a sleeper to warm the parents’ hearts and the baby’s skin.

Shop for baskets and choose one that will fit with your friends’ new arrival by filling it with needed aid or a gift.

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