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New Era Extension in CCTV

Now you can say this the basic any one can research and check what type of camera we require for their needs. But to install the camera in the perfect location that also important then select the camera. If you installer install the camera in the wrong direction and you could not get the result the your all purpose is not solve so we recommend you to first check the camera with temporary setup and then install camera.

We are giving free estimation for your setup and when you approve the quotation we first visit your place with our small kit to check which is the best point for camera and suggest you that location and once everything is done we install with our skill.

For more concern we suggest you to visit our website securitycamera4u we are located in Mississauga and Scarborough and giving you the services within 150 KM radios from Toronto.

Now days for CCTV also control with KVM switches so you can use single keyboard, mouse and Monitor with that switches. Also in market you get optical transceiver for CCTV. It is an optical fiber transmission device for long distance for monitoring system. This is new technology in CCTV which gives more flexible to CCTV solution and extends it’s capacity.

People also design the any different type of transmitter and receiver like AV transmitter, HDMI transmitter. Through AV transmitter you can transfer the video signal using UTP Network cable. This AV transmitter is also called a balloon. For better result now a day you can find many HDMI devices and HDMI ports in your laptop and computer. HDMI port also available in new DVR and if you have HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver than you can see the camera in any room by using this wireless transmitter of HDMI.

Same way you can find many type of surge protector for power, video and data. Initially you can get only surge protector for power but in this era you can get all three protection power, video and data in one surge protector.

In market you can find also video anti-interface device. This device are based on electromagnetism isolation, optocoupler isolation and signal frequency shift technology to recover the signaland solve the problem of interface in project. There are many VGA splitter also available so you can see the CCTV monitoring in different place at the same time.

There are many new advance technology available now a days in the market in security camera like PTZ camera which you can rotate camera by 360 degree and you can see all your area by single camera. This PTZ camera you can do zoom and zoom out in lens so you can far picture also in clear. Some time you can see the box camera in Bank this camera have the feature to change the lens size and adjust the lens according to your requirement. This type of camera called a Verifocal camera. This verifocal camera comes from 2.3 mm lens to 16 mm lens camera.

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