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Noise: Audio Terrorism Redefined

Houston is under attack! Noise levels plague the city. Citizens are going deaf!
Peace has ended due to noisy tone-deaf teenagers. CEO’s want to rebuild to block out all the noise. Dog barking and lawn mowing is a reprieve from all the noise. Whatever happened to the right to remain quiet? This is the time to exercise it or at least ensure the aggravated singers on the stereo or much better, the devilish machines do.
The mature or apparently “conservative” citizens have to act now! Or soon a Houston hearing aid will turn into the latest fashion or worse we’ll be visiting Houston hearing aids for permanent deafness. In addition this kind of noise level brings with it many serious health concerns that include interference with spoken communication, ironically sleep disturbances, cardiovascular risks: increased blood pressure, mental illness etc. Moreover it tends to affect our routine life performance abilities and causes undue agitation. So if you’re annoyed, it is actually your kid’s fault or someone else’s perhaps.
The state needs to realize the severity of the problem. Accepting, the problem is half the solution, isn’t it. This should be a violation of state law. All horrendous causes of the noise should be destroyed. Even construction workers are exposed to such loud noises. Protective gear should be used at all times to perform their job.
Silence is like heaven. Someday maybe Houston will be quieter. Now I know what they mean when a city never sleeps.

Houston hearing aids have increased in sales.