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Noise: New Definition of Audio Terrorist

Bring on your best defense, Houston is under terrorist attack! Why live in a constant fear of the Al-Qaeda when Houston’s “progressive” citizens have brought it upon themselves to bring an Audio plague to the once peaceful city. Citizens are going deaf!
Houston’s sacred human right laws have been brutally violated ever since some tone-deaf teenagers decided to follow the latest trends of screwing up people’s lives via boom boxes, modified mufflers, boom cars, late night obnoxious parties or even raging stereos. And as if that wasn’t enough, smarter CEO’s seem to want to destroy every building ever made and start from scratch. The noise levels are so high that they make, once annoying, barking dogs and land mowers seem like tranquil wonders of nature (or man). Isn’t there are right to remain silent? It is time to put an end to the noise.
Mature citizens need to act now! Houston hearing aids have increased in sales. Many people are seeing the other ways noise has affected their health. Moreover it tends to affect our routine life performance abilities and causes undue agitation. So if you’re annoyed, it is actually your kid’s fault or someone else’s perhaps.
The state should act soon! There has been no acceptance that this is a problem. The state should see that it is a form of terrorism. And when it happens, the state should take it on itself to first and foremost destroy all horrendous boom boxes and mufflers and ensure that the kids’ fun doesn’t end up to be the cause of a heart attack of a neighbor. Even construction workers are exposed to such loud noises. Protective gear should be required to protect contruction worker’s hearing.
Silence is like heaven. Hopefully Houston can change. If not it is just another city that never sleeps.

Houston hearing aids have increased in sales.