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Nostalgia About Toy Rocking Horses

As any doting parent would, I’ve purchased many toys and games for my toddler son over the first few years of his life in order to help develop his motor skills and coordination as well as to keep him entertained throughout the day. Like most children his age, however, he never became particularly attached to any of the blocks, music boxes, balls, or plastic trucks that littered the floor of his room. Sure, he played with them all; but he wouldn’t really notice — or care — if any of them went missing. But that blase attitude suddenly changed when I bought him a toy rocking horse for his last birthday. It seems that I’ve finally found something that thoroughly enjoys playing with!

The toy rocking horses have come a long way since the ones that were around when I was a child. Instead of the mass-produced models made from cheap wood and plastic, many of these horses I saw while browsing on the Internet were beautiful pieces made from fine woods such as solid oak or cherry. Also, a modern rocking horse is just as likely to move on gliders as on rockers. This makes for a smoother riding motion and is gentler on your flooring surface as well.

Since a toy rocking horse makes for a great family heirloom that can be passed on from generation to generation, many people are choosing to have theirs custom-made. There are many companies that specialize in producing custom toys, including the rocking horses. This option is quite expensive, and may take many weeks or even months to complete, but the finished product will be well worth the wait. What you’ll get is a handcrafted horse tailored to your child’s measurements, with genuine leather straps, shiny stirrups, and real horse’s hair in the mane. The custom toy rocking horse that I ordered is amazingly detailed and quite breathtaking. It’s no wonder that the first thing my son does in the morning when he wakes up is ask if he can ride on his beloved toy rocking horse!

A present like this would make a wonderful gift that any toddler will treasure for years. Unlike a lot of other toys that you can buy, a rocking horse stimulates your child’s imagination. Children can spend hours on end imagining that they are galloping along dusty trails or the scenic countryside aboard their very own trusty steed. Whether you purchase your toy rocking horse at your local mall or have it custom-made, your child will love it as much as if it were a real animal.

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