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Nursing Comfortably Using A Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow can be a perfect solution to ease the strain of sitting up and holding the baby soon after birth and during the entire period of nursing. Many mothers are exhausted physically after childbirth, after having gone through the various stages of pregnancy. Many mothers-to-be take the time and shop for a breastfeeding pillow as it ensures a healthy posture while feeding as well as eases the strain on them while nursing the baby.

Design Of A Breastfeeding Pillow

It is shaped like the alphabet U and consists of an arched portion and two bolsters. It is usually easy to dismantle and the pillow and its cover are machine washable. It usually fits snugly around the waist of a lactating mother and maintains a correct height to ensure a good posture as well as to ensure correct latching. The best breast feeding pillows therefore are made of a soft and comfortable material, yet not too soft as to be uncomfortable with the baby sinking too deep into the pillow. It has to be washable and should not get lumpy on washing as it may then not be very useful. Some pillows have a waterproof inner cover to ensure that only the case needs washing and that the pillow remains free from dust and mites keeping it safe and clean for your baby.

It is a fairly common complaint that the back, neck and arms of a nursing mother are most strained while nursing a baby, but with a proper breastfeeding pillow such complaints may be a thing of the past. Many of these pillows are ergonomically designed to ensure that they protect the nursing mother from the most common complaint, back pain.

Uses Of A Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is not very expensive and is extremely useful. Many mothers-to-be use it even during pregnancy to rest their limbs, it even has uses after the nursing period! While the baby is trying to sit up the pillow offers it a cushion to sit in and play with. It is also great for mothers who bottlefeed the baby, ensuring the baby is held in the right position reducing the chances of choking etc.

It can be a perfect gift to give to your loved ones who are expecting and one that will be much appreciated. There are so many designs and brands available that expectant mothers enjoy shopping around for the perfect pillow that will be extremely useful to them.

It is recommended as a must have necessity of a nursing mother as it helps protect her from the after effects of maintaining bad posture while the body is recovering from the ordeal of childbirth. As the pillow takes away most of the strain the mother can enjoy breastfeeding her child and strengthen her bond with the baby. Relatively inexpensive and extremely useful, a breastfeeding pillow is indeed a must have accessory for a nursing mother.

A Breastfeeding Pillow helps the mother to enjoy the process of breastfeeding and to avoid complications. Similarly Pregnancy Clothes as breastfeeding tops and breastfeeding covers are good for mothers. More information related to breastfeeding and pregnancy is available on Pregnancy-Period.Com