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Obesity and Health

Millions of people today are considered obese. Obese weight levels are anything over 25% body mass. To find your body mass you can go to the Internet and find a BMI (body mass index calculator. Extreme obesity can cause many health issues relating to your weight because the body has to be able to carry the weight.

With weight problems, you will most likely experience high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. The weight that surrounds your heart makes the heart have to function at a more difficult pace. The heart will begin to strain trying to provide the brain blood and oxygen. It’s also the reason for high blood pressure. Many people who are over weight tend to develop diet problems and become diabetic.

There are many factors that can cause a person to become diabetic and the food and drinks that you consume is a major factor. People who consume a lot of sugar in their every-day diet may become diabetic. Diabetes is something to be alarmed about. It can cause the body to go into a sugar coma and many people have died because it.

Today, society does seem to put a lot of pressure on people to be thin. It’s considered beautiful. In some cultures outside of the United States, being heavy is considered beautiful. Dieting has nothing to do with beauty. Dieting is mainly a way to reduce the weight of a body and it may not be in direct relation to beauty.

If you find that you are over weight than for your own sake and health it is best that you find a way to shed the extra pounds. Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult, by eating right according to the food pyramid and getting some proper exercise you can easily lose the weight. Most diets will even let you have items from the goodies box on the pyramid. In theory, you can eat whatever you want but in little consumptions. That means no super sizing.

Obese people should not feel the pressure to be thin because of beauty but they should want to lose the weight for themselves and their health. Even a walk around the house or making your bed can give your body a good start towards becoming healthy. The side effect of being heavy is too devastating to your health to not want to take control of your diet and life.

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