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Onlay and inlay restorations are custom-fabricated from materials such as gold, composite resins, or porcelain. Ceramic inlays happen to be very popular due to their resemblance to real teeth. These inlays must be made in a professional dentistry workshop and are attached to your teeth by your dentist.

Inlays are an excellent alternative to traditional silver amalgam and composite resin restorations. Furthermore, these are more conservative than dental crowns because crowns require more enamel to be extracted.

Inlays have one disadvantage to them as they might need to be changed more frequently than other corrective fillings. They are strong and durable though, lasting for numerous years, giving a long-lasting healthy smile.

Some of the reasons to use restorative tooth inlays are to mend broken and fractured teeth, rotten teeth, cracked fillings, outsized fillings, or just for an aesthetic enhancement.

Onlay procedures typically require at least two appointments. Your first appointment will include the taking of many impressions (molds) that will be used to design a custom-made onlay and a temporary dental restoration.

With the tooth anesthetized, your dentist will safely get rid of all tooth caries or any old restoration materials. The opening will be well cleaned and meticulously prepared, shaping the tooth surface to allow for a properly fitted onlay fixture. The interim fixture will be used to protect the tooth at the same time as the dentistry lab completes your custom onlay.

At some stage in the second visit, the newly crafted filling can be securely bonded into position with a bonding agent. Slight tweaks might be made during this time to guarantee an appropriate fit. Once finished, proper dental care advice will be given, which will include, a sensible diet, good oral hygiene, and routine visits to the dental clinician to help care for the most recent restoration.

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