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Online Doctoral Programs

If you are a mother, going back to school can seem daunting. Besides the fact that you may feel the money just isn’t there for continued education, you will also have to find someone to care for your children while you’re at school. In addition, the atmosphere at colleges and universities may feel a little bit awkward for you—you’re way past the partying stage and have a lot of different concerns than younger college age kids have. How would you fit into this equation?

There are options available that allow you to save money, learn from home and skip the uncomfortable atmosphere of a traditional school. You can earn your degree at the University of Phoenix or at other online schools that allow you to complete all of your classes on your home computer.

From an associate degree to online doctoral programs, you can take virtually any amount of schooling to the next level on the Internet. If you have a home computer with an Internet connection, you can go back to school. Even if you don’t, most local libraries or coffee shops offer free wireless Internet access. Online-based courses allow you to work at your own pace whenever it is convenient for you. If you have children who are school-aged, get them up in the morning for the bus, and then do your homework after they have left. Those with toddlers can get some schoolwork done early at night after the children go to sleep. As long as the necessary coursework gets done, you can succeed in online doctoral programs or other online degree programs.

Online PhD programs or certifications are often much cheaper than going to traditional college, too. Since you aren’t spending time in a building that needs to pay for its utilities or staying someplace where you need room and board, those fees are eliminated from your tuition. Even compared to a state school, you often pay a third or less of what typical fees would be when you choose learning from home.

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