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Options For Travel Cash On Vacation

Going on vacation is an exciting time and something to look forward to. You will need to plan well in advance though and one vital thing for you to think about is travel cash and what you will do about that overseas because from the minute you step on the place you will need to use a different currency for your purchases. So add this to the ‘to do’ list and let’s consider the options that you have.

When you take foreign currency abroad you have a number of choices of obtaining it. One way to do this is to go to the bank. You will need to first of all find a bank that offers this service and then you place an order for the amount you would like and in which currency. A definite disadvantage of this is that banks usually have charges for this service and you could end up paying for simply getting money in a different currency and this service is usually higher at the airport since they count on last minute travelers changing cash here.

One of the disadvantages with this is that it makes you quite vulnerable when you have large amounts of cash on you. Obviously on vacation you are going to want to spend money on treats, dinners and souvenirs and any other little extras and you don’t want to pull out large amounts of cash each time as there is always the chance of an unlucky break and a potential theft.

Leaving it in your holiday accommodation is also problematic and could be a prime place for thieves. You could leave it with hotel staff in their safe, but you often have to pay for this and then you have to constantly return to the hotel if you need more funds.

Credit cards are the next option, but you need to think about whether this is going to work for your budget. They are still vulnerable to theft and your signature can be forged. Also the companies usually charge a high interest rate on purchases and fees can be astronomical when you get back to reality.

So what can you do? One attractive option is to buy a prepaid currency card which is very useful for those on vacation and works in all countries. This is not linked to your bank account and so all your details and cash are separate. How it works is that you load the card with money prior to your vacation. This gives you the flexibility to decide how much you want to spend and load your card with a set amount.

You will get a pin number and you can register as an online user to check your balance and add more cash if necessary. It enables you to take charge of your own expenses without all the costly charges and danger of going over budget.

For those going on vacation the prepaid cards are definitely the most attractive option and enable you to not have to worry about theft or overspending. You want a stress free vacation and this will help you achieve that goal.

Get your travel currency cheaper online, so you have more to spend on your holiday. Always shop around for the best deal, and check that you are not paying over the odds. Tom Fisher is a keen traveller and writer, based in the UK.