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Organic Search Engine Marketing for Online Business

Whereas a White Hat SEO company uses a content-based approach and does not violate the terms of service of the major search engines, a Black Hat SEO company uses a largely technology driven approach and ignores the terms of service with search engines. However, a White Hat SEO company is favored for being ethical and a Black Hat SEO company is shunned for its rogue behavior and practice. There is no consensus among SEO professionals regarding whether Organic SEO includes some black hat practices or not.

Organic SEO and Approach Regarding Attracting Links

The best effort towards getting links from other higher page rank websites is to make the website worth for others. Inbound links are critical to the success of organic search engine optimization campaign. There are two ways to get inbound links, the first one is Reciprocal Links which one can get by exchanging the links with other websites; the second, one way link which can be bought from other websites. However, there is third and the most effective way wherein there is no requirement for reciprocal link and that too for free. This sort of link can be obtained only once the website has higher page rank and enough visitors.

Ideally, a professional SEO company seeks industry specific directories to submit the website of client which is apart from the general directories such as Yahoo Directory, the Open Directory Project,, etc. However, a true approach is to use organic SEO which means evolving client’s website into something that holds actual value to the client’s prospects. Organic SEO is more beneficial in the long run than the artificial methodology of trying to garner incoming links which the concerned website does not truly deserve.

Organic SEO and Content

Content definitely is a leading factor in SEO for the reason that most of the internet users use search engines to fulfill their requirement of information. Therefore, if the content is informative and quenches the requirement of the visitor, chances are it would be high in page rank. Some technical maneuvering such as cloaking, redirects, multiple sites, key-phrase stuffing, hidden links, etc are used for search engine optimization purposes by some SEO companies, but they are not beneficial for a website in the long run. However, a company claiming to be an organic SEO company does not employ such practices.

Organic SEO and Creation of Valuable Resource

There have been times when all the maneuvers by SEO experts who claimed higher pages ranks with technical inputs rather than organic SEO fell down once the algorithms of search engines changed. Thus, there is no guarantee that cashing on loopholes in search engines and their ranking system can guarantee for long term advantage. However, an organic SEO definitely can serve for long time as creates valuable resource for users.

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