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Overcoming Addiction to Cigarettes

By current estimation of the American Heart Association, 26.2 million men and 20.9 million women are just like you – addicted to cigarettes. While the statistics speak for themselves, the truth is that perhaps none of them can really tell the tale of how painful this addiction can be. Do you need cigarettes more than you want to smoke them? When you lay down that five, six, or seven bucks for a pack of cigarettes, do you wish you could be saving that money for something else? Have you had health problems because of your addiction, or do you know deep down that they are on the horizon? Can you admit that smoking will eventually kill you, only after burdening your family with difficulty in caring for you during your not-so-golden years? Knowing all of these things, have you tried to quit before for the sake of your health, your wallet, or your family – only to fail and return to your old routines and habits? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you know the pain of being addicted to a substance and a habit that has been declared “as hard to quit as heroine.”
You probably told yourself when you tried your first cigarette that you wouldn’t let it grasp hold of you – “I’ll just try this once.” Most smokers started off this way, and like you, most know they need to quit. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of those trying to quit smoking will make their attempt cold-turkey, but only 3 to 5 percent of “willpower only” quit attempts prove successful. Pretty grim statistics, when you think about it, but there is good news. You CAN quit smoking. And you CAN quit smoking the easy way using simple step-by-step life modification techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that will retrain your mind and body and rid you of your need to smoke. and the best part? You will LEARN to quit smoking WHILE you still smoke, and you will be making positive changes in your behavior that will carry over to other aspects of your life as well.
So, where do you begin? Don’t start by throwing out your cigarettes or giving them to a friend. Instead, the next time you buy cigarettes, drive to a different store and buy a different brand. You can break your addiction with seemingly insignificant behavioral changes, and you can break your addiction permanently! Visit Kevin Arthur Smith’s FREE five-part video course, 5 Steps to Becoming Smoke Free (Click here) For more revolutionary techniques to permanently, effectively, and safely quit, pick up a copy of I Legally Sold Drugs: Changing Mindsets for a Smoke-Free You and learn the methods that helped the author himself defeat his lifelong addiction.

You CAN be free of the addictive nicotine chains – and the best way to get started is to sign up for Visit Kevin Arthur Smith’s FREE five-part video course, 5 Steps to Becoming Smoke Free. (Click here)
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