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Overcoming Early Emission – Causes And Treatment Options

Early emission is a type of reproductive dysfunction wherein a man is not able to exercise control over his emissions, and they occur before either he or his partner is ready, and in some cases before penetration has even taken place – an issue which often leaves both partners unsatisfied. Due to the embarrassing nature of the problem, few men like to talk about it. However, as Andrew Kramer, MD, an assistant professor of surgery at the university of Maryland Medical Center notes, “Early emission is exceedingly common, more common than we think” … [and] “can cause distress and emotional and psychological issues, as well as self-esteem problems.” With the right approach to treatment and proper manhood health, most men are able to overcome this problem and go on to have a fulfilling and enjoyable intimate life.

It is also important to point out that, in spite of the impression that men may get from adult films that seem to show men going for hours at a time, most men come within 5-10 minutes of penetration.

Causes of early emission

The exact causes (or causes) of early emission are not fully understood. However, the main cause appears to be psychological in nature. Anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional issues appear to be closely linked, and doctors may ask questions about a man’s stress level, sensual background, and intimate relationships when trying to pinpoint the cause.

The psychological impact

While the emotional issues described above may be to blame for early emission, the problem can also cause these issues to appear. Men who cannot control their emissions may experience a great deal of emotional distress and loss of self-esteem. Relationship issues may also develop if the problem is ongoing, worsening the psychological effects.

Often, working with a psychologist or therapist may be recommended in order to resolve any anxiety issues, guilt, relationship stress, or previous trauma that may be contributing to the problem. Keeping open lines of communication with a partner – even if this means seeing a couples therapist – is also essential.

Treatments for early emission

In spite of its considerable effects on a man’s psyche, the problem of early emission can generally be resolved, although success may take some time and effort. Here are some of the more common approaches to treatment:

1. Edging – this technique can be performed alone, or with an understanding partner, and allows a man to “retrain” his body to gain control over his response. It involves stimulating until a man feels that he is about to emission, then stopping – and if necessary, visualizing something unrelated to intimacy until the feeling subsides. This process is repeated several times, until the man is ready to let go, at which time he allows the emission to proceed.
2. Antidepressants – Antidepressant medications may also be prescribed to help address this issue; on the other hand, these medications may lead to loss of drive in some men, so it is necessary to work closely with a doctor to achieve the right balance.
3. Numbing creams – Numbing creams and sprays may also be used to diminish the sensation and prolong the activity; however, overdoing it can lead to a reduction in sensation and have the opposite effect – namely, the inability to reach an emission. Some experimentation may be needed to find the right level.

Male organ care for overall health and function

Engaging in appropriate care for the male organ on a regular basis is another essential when it comes to overcoming reproductive dysfunction. A male organ that is healthy, clean and responsive can provide both the man and his partners with more pleasure, and a member that is glowing with health can help to boost a man’s confidence – a major factor in his performance.

To start, men should keep the hair neatly trimmed. Clipping or shaving the hair can help reduce unpleasant odors, give a clean and youthful appearance, and even make the male organ itself seem larger.

Daily cleansing is also strongly advised to remove dirt, grime, built-up body fluids, and the accompanying foul odors that may occur. Following up a daily wash with an application of a top-drawer male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing targeted nutrients for manhood health can significantly improve the look and feel of the male organ. Products containing high-end moisturizers leave the skin feeling soft and supple, and vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants can support healthy nerve and circulatory function for better all-around performance.