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Overcoming Male Organ Problems – Three Common Conditions Best Tackled Topically

When trouble strikes down below, men have a variety of different tools they can use to make the problem fade away. They could swallow a pain reliever, take in new kinds of foods or even submit to treatments involving scalpels and stitches. Sometimes, however, male organ conditions are best handled with topical solutions. These are three conditions that might best be handled with male organ care delivered directly to the skin in question.

Chafing Injuries
Movies may depict intimacy as a slow, measured romantic act that only takes place when the conditions are perfect and both partners have hours of time to kill. In reality, some sessions are just a little rougher, and they might be over with in mere minutes. Manhood tissues working under pressure might certainly be able to transmit signals of pleasure, but they might be scraped and scratched as the action progresses. When the performance is over, a man might be left with a sore, red, irritated male organ that just isn’t ready to emerge for another play session.

Time is a great healer, when it comes to abraded skin. Giving those sore tissues a few days to knit back together, without subjecting them to further episodes of abuse, could be the only intervention a man needs. But using a male organ health creme might also be vital. These products contain vitamins and minerals essential for healing skin, including Vitamin C, which can boost collagen production and allow damaged cells to retain their soft surface when the healing is complete.

Dry, Peeling Tissues
Harsh soaps, strong perfumes and ill-fitting clothing can be toxic to the male organ, lactation out the moisture and leaving skin feeling:

• Cracked
• Dry
• Peeling
• Tough

Vitamin manufacturers and dietitians suggest that skin health begins with diet, and that those who take in the proper amount of nutrients by mouth can boost hydration and mineralization in the tissues of the skin. It’s a good theory, but the male organ is often left out of these calculations, as the vitamins a person ingests might be applied in other places, or those substances might simply be excreted.

A topical vitamin formulation, on the other hand, allows a man to place nutrients in direct contact with the skin that needs help. The digestive system is completely bypassed with this method of application, and there’s no chance the nutrients will be put to use elsewhere in the body. Using a product like this could allow a man to heal his dry, irritated skin in no time at all.

Low Sensitivity Levels
Male tissue is designed to jump at the merest suggestion of romance, and when the action is in progress, those tissues should be sending a report to the brain with each little movement made. Sometimes, however, tissues become damaged due to years of use and abuse. Scar tissues form, cells lose their nutrients and the male organ just isn’t able to function efficiently or work properly when it comes to sensitivity. A man with these difficulties might find that his sessions take longer or are less rewarding, and his partner may find that bringing him pleasure becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

While medication manufacturers are working hard to develop oral medications that could improve male organ sensitivity levels, topical male organ health cremes might play a key role. High quality products (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to soften the tough skin that muffles signals of pleasure, and these products also contain vitamins that can support and enhance the function of nerve cells within the male organ. There are no hormones involved in a product like this, and no embarrassing prescriptions are needed. With a simple online order and a daily application of a beneficial cream, a man might be able to feel sensations he thought were only available in his memory.