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Pamper the Bridesmaids through a Post Wedding Gift

Weddings are one of the most hectic and stressful social gatherings of all. Dresses have to be prepared, the date has to be booked early, the perfect reception hall has to be reserved, the guest list needs to be filled without leaving anyone out. These are only a few of the things that have to be considered in the preparation process. And don’t forget the extravagant cost! Because of all the chaos and catastrophe in organizing a wedding celebration, some folks resort to renting the services of a wedding planner. But others are lucky, their own friends and family volunteer for them. The bride can count on her bridesmaids to help her do the dirty work she needs to finish before and after the event. Because of their great contribution to all in the hassle of a perfect wedding calls for, bridesmaids then deserve a post-wedding pampering day.

The bride should set one relaxing day when all her bridesmaids are free to relax and travel. What they should do on the day is up to the interests of these girls: would they rather spend the afternoon getting a massage, manicure and pedicure? Or would they rather sport a major makeover and get a radical new hairstyle? Will clothes shopping be the best solution to facilitate the girl bonding time? Or is it better if they have an all-girl night out and dance in the club? These are all possible options that the bride can pick for the satisfaction of the bridesmaids.

If doing just one thing is not enough, then why not do all of them? In the morning, go to the salon and spa where the girls can all get a good massage, as well as have their hair and nails done. Then have lunch at the girls’ favorite restaurant. Afterwards, go window-shopping at the nearest mall (the bride does not have to cover the shopping spree) and when the night starts, party at the nearest club! Or if the girls are too tired from walking, then just go to an almost-empty coffee shop and have meaningful conversations until the wee hours of the morning. This schedule will surely make the most out of the day. Just make sure to call all the places that the group will go to and reserve them immediately. Make a timetable and stick to it. Although being spontaneous is exciting, it is best if the bridesmaids all get a taste of pampering in different levels.

So to all the brides in gratitude of their maids, make the extra effort of organizing a day for them after they have put their time on the wedding preparations. One extra-soothing or super exciting afternoon can truly sizzle up your relationships and show how much these women are appreciated

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