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Pantech Makes A Whole New Move On The Market

Pantech is a pretty new company in the marketplace of mobiles and it attempts to win the hearts of many cell phone consumers. Right now they have tried out to make an incredibly cheap smart mobile phone which can be carried in a pocket without various problems. I think that they may have designed certainly one of the potential future cell phone deals. They have named their new unit Pantech Pocket.

As you can anticipate this phone bears a small design and it provides a display screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3. This is not found on numerous contemporary mobile phones but all the images look sharp and decent. The technical specs are not very amazing because the people at Pantech have tried to greatly reduce the costs.

It not resembles any other cell phone deals and it offers a display screen of 4 inches. The interface used by the new unit great. It uses the Android OS and it is driven by a 1 GHz processors made by Qualcom. You will see that if you use all the contemporary features of the Android, like the animation-enhanced wallpapers, the phone will move quite slow. If you get rid of all the elegant top features of the OS the speed will be reliable. The QWERTY keyboard is not very receptive and it can become an actual pain in the ass. You will get very many difficulties in composing messages or text data files.

The connectability of the device is not among the best. You will have trouble in connecting to WiFi networks and you will have to wait a lot for the pages to load. The aspect of the pages will be distorted because of the ratio of the screen.

The camera of the phone is not good either. The images will be overexposed and will not appear natural. You will need to use Photoshop in order to correct the photos. The camera has focus difficulties too and the pictures can get blurry. The folks at Pantech say that the digital camera shoots in 720p. But the video clips made by me are very terrible and do not look like the videos made with some other cellphones that offer this feature.

I could stipulate that Pantech tried a lot with this model. They have tried to make a very cheap phone with respectable capabilities and they have not succeeded. They have made a bad phone which only promises a lot of things. I would choose another cellular phone for sure!

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