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Penfolds: An Australian Icon

Excellence is something many individuals and organizations want to achieve. When someone aims for excellence, the quality of the work he produces is truly exceptional. Some try very hard just to attain it but for a few, it’s just a way of life. In the country of Australia, when Penfolds wine is said, it is almost synonymous to excellence in the area of winemaking. Every bottle that has its name on it is full of history and extraordinary work. Once a dinner table is graced by it, other wines beside just become the king’s court. Truly, nothing else comes close to it.

The hardworking professionals behind this distinguished brand labor with great energy and drive. When there is an enormous amount of effort and optimism invested into creating something, the product shows it. The workers behind the brand are fueled by a deep passion for achieving perfection. Nothing in the world is perfect but if there’s somethng that would come close to it, the brand’s products would be great candidates. The standards that were established by the company are some of the loftiest in Australia.

The company is without a doubt a true Australian icon. What distinguishes it from other winemakers is that the fruit they use come from a variety of vineyards from all over the country. One of these vineyards is the Barossa Valley which is a 618-hectare breadth of land. They also gather excellent grape produce from the Magill Estate, the Eden Valley, Mclaren Vale and Coonawarra. The resulting flavors and aromas of combining this entire yield make a unique beverage that is full of character.

Reinforcing its prestigious status in the industry of winemaking are numerous accolades that give recognition to what it has done throughout its 165-year history. Its worldwide following includes all people whose work has something to do with wine: from collectors to the media to the connoisseurs. This only serves to validate the brand’s remarkable status in the business.

For any other wine producer to duplicate its accomplishments would be a tall order. And with the commitment and dedication of the people behind it, Penfolds wines will continue to be a great Australian icon for many more years to come.

Wines come in different varieties, flavors and aromas. The quality of some wines is good but when it comes to penfolds wines wines, all the others become typical. The passion and energy that is put into creating the brand’s wines are unparalleled in Australia and all over the world.

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