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Perfect First Dates – Some Ideas And Suggestions

First dates are important as they represent the start of a new relationship, but often, they are built up so much that they become very stressful. When this happens, you probably cannot be relaxed enough to enjoy the company. So, take the pressure off yourself. Choose your first date carefully, so that you will be as relaxed as possible.

So for your first date, make plans, certainly, and hope that they will turn out well, but if not, well, that’s just the way it worked out that particular day. Either there will be a second date, or not, and if you have done your best, and it really doesn’t work out, then that was not the person meant for you.

First date planning is very important, especially as you want to make a good first impression. But at the same time you do need to be realistic about your expectations from this date. This is the first step of what could be many, so you really don’t need to pull out all the stops for a fantastic first date. What you do need to do is to plan an event that you are comfortable with, so that the date is as free from stress as you can make it. This applies to your date, too.

It should be something that they are comfortable with too, with no surprises, as at this stage, you have no idea how your date will respond to surprises. Make sure that your date is fully aware of your plans for your date, so that the correct clothes can be worn. Remember that it is no fun turning up for something, wearing the wrong kind of outfit! So, make sure you are clear on expectations for this date too. If you and your date can both be relaxed, then the chances are that you will both find your meeting more enjoyable.

Many people have their own ideas about first dates, with some thinking that a really expensive restaurant works well, while others think that a movie is easier on everyone. At this stage of your relationship, the beginning, it seems to make more sense to have a get to know you meeting rather than spending 3 hours sat next to you, but not finding out anything about one another. As for the expensive restaurant, why not leave that for a special event when you know for sure that such an event would work well for both of you? You probably don’t know if your date enjoys eating out, so for a meal, choose somewhere that has a comfortable atmosphere, that doesn’t have music that is too loud, because you want to be able to talk to one another, without having to shout at one another.

Not everyone loves sports to play or to watch, and in any event, sporting activities are not always conducive to conversations, especially if it’s a hockey game, or a basketball game where the crowd can be rather noisy at the best of times. If you have a game in mind for your date, choose it carefully. If you are both golfers, this might work, but if you are going to be nervous, then perhaps this is another one to leave for later.

It is often a good idea to do something fun, but which still lets you talk to one another. Crazy golf can work well, because it is a fun event. Swimming may not be good, especially for females, who have probably spent time getting their hair and makeup just right, so that getting makeup washed off, and having wet hair probably isn’t what they would like. However, a walk along the beach if you are close to one, can be enjoyable, in the right weather.

You might want to check the weather forecast if you are planning an outdoor activity, but to be safe, have a backup plan. Picnics can work well, as these give you the chance to talk to one another, but the food gives you something to focus on, and the location should too.

Walks in a park or at a zoo can be fun too, or a trip to an aquarium, or a museum, if you both enjoy these types of activities.

For the first date, it is an advantage to have a shorter date rather than a longer one. There may be the chance for other dates with this person, but it becomes less likely if you are not having fun, and there is no chance of you leaving and heading home for several more hours.

So to summarize, make your first dates fun, short, and doing something that gives you chance to talk to one another, and ask one another questions – after all this is what you want and need, to find out if you are compatible with one another.

The author, Steve Jackson, enjoys being able to help a variety of people with his written information, and he continues this with information about the perfect first date, along with information about what to wear, advice and tips and plenty of first date ideas.