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Periostat Acne Medicine – What Are The Side Effects

Moderate acne can be treated by Periostat, a prescribed acne medicine. Doxycycline is the main ingredient used in this drug. Besides treating acne, it has other medical applications such as malaria and infections on the skin, bone, stomach, respiratory tract, sinuses, ear, and urinary tract. It is a usual practice for the dermatologists to prescribe Periostat to their acne patients. Unfortunately, many of them don’t really under the complications that arise from the use of this drug. Therefore, after obtaining the true picture of this medicine, you may be on a quest for a safer acne treatment.

Many users share their plight after taking Periostat. They suffer a number of serious side effects. Few of them don’t warrant immediate medical attention. Users frequently reported that they are suffering from anxiety, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, bloating, nausea,pain during swallowing, numbness of the hands and feet, stomach upset, tiredness, dizziness, headache, rash, sensitivity to sun, dry skin, and chest pain. You should prepare to undergo these uncomfortable experiences should you take this acne medication. Nevertheless, side effects are not the only ones you should be worried about.

Prolonged consumption of this prescribed acne treatment may lead to other health risks. You may develop gastrointestinal upset and yeast infections. In addition, there is a possibility of developing new strands of bacteria that may render this antibiotic useless. Specific medicines and birth control pills can prevent Periostat from treating acne. Furthermore, some natural health products can be a hindrance to the acne medicine. By making known all the current medications to your doctor is the best step to take. Failure to disclose such information may render the medication ineffective against zits.

Take note of the following valuable information. You would find it useful when you take Periostat.

This medication may cause some defects o n the fetus. Thus, pregnant women should not take the risk until they receive green lights from their doctors.

If you are breast feeding, make sure your doctors have determined that Periostat is safe for you. You baby can accidentally consume this medication through breast milk. There are reports that it can affect the development of the babies’ bone and tooth.

Throw away unused Periostat tablets that have passed the expiring date. Cases of kidney damage have reported from the use of expired tablets.

Never take antacids and vitamin supplements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, or sodium bicarbonate after you take Periostat. They can compromise the effectiveness of the acne medicine.

Don’t stay too long under the sun. Your skin may be very sensitive to the ultra violet rays. Extended sunlight exposure can burn your skin.

The doctors may not recommend you this acne treatment drug if you have kidney or liver disease.

Always take the tablet with a full glass of water (8 ounces).

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