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Personal Development For Success and Happiness – #1 Masks & the Olympics

Lynette Chartier, your on-line life coach for success and happiness, today in Gimli Manitoba, Canada.

As I sit by lake Winnipeg and am looking at the sailboats, it is reminding me of the Olympics that are going on. Now, I am not generally a T.V. watcher, and I do not read the newspapers a whole lot, yet I have seen many reports and news casts in regards to the Olympics, over the last several days.

One particular newscast and one particular article caught my attention. The newscast was reflecting upon the young girl who sang at the opening ceremonies. They were criticising that the girl and the voice were not one and the same -that in fact the voice belonged to another little girl. But because of singer’s physical appearance they chose to present to the world someone who was more physically appealing.

On another note, but along the same theme a newspaper reported that walls had been erected in certain areas of Beijing under the guise of wall space for advertising. But in fact these walls were meant to hide some of the poverty and the less favourable. With both these incidents there was a lot of criticism against China and the people of Beijing.

I had to stop and ask myself – What is the mirror here? What is the lesson to be learned?

I guess these situations in Beijing were so flagrant because of the magnitude of the Olympics, and the eyes of the world stopping to rest upon this city.

Yet how many of us – in fact have you ever changed your appearance, or what you were going to say in order to be approved of? Perhaps you did not express yourself fully in some situations for fear that it was not going to put you in the best light. How many of us worry about what others think and therefore have not been true to ourselves or have not been completely authentic?

I for one think that not being true to yourself, not being authentic is as much a crime as anything these folks have done. It is a similar act only on a smaller scale – on a scale that perhaps only you are aware of. This world situation allows us to examine what is happening in our own lives.

So my question for you today is : Where do you wear masks in your life? Is it with your family, your extended family, perhaps in your social settings or with your work colleagues?

How can you begin to be truer to yourself, because by being truer to yourself you will begin to feel happier. Know that you have greatness within and you just need to remember that.

This has been Lynette Chartier

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