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Personal Goals That Everyone Should Be Striving For in Life!

Some personal goals, just like career goals, can vary when it comes to where our lives are going and who we want to be. Everyone has a different outlook on life and what makes them happy. Some people want to be cooks and some want to be accountants. Some people want children and some people don’t. The differences are as wide as there are people on this earth.

But there are a few personal goals that everyone should be striving for no matter what you want to do or be in life. They are not specific like what career you want or where you want to live but they are just as important – if not more. Here are 4 of those such goals.

1. To Be Happy

This should be everyone’s first and biggest goal in life. Happiness is deserved to everyone, and if you don’t have it yet then you should set it as a goal to achieve. No one wants to look back on their life and realize that they spent it in an unhappy way.

So find out who you are and what makes you happy then become that person. Everyone’s happiness will come from different things and ways of living, but we can all find happiness by researching who we are as an individual and staying true to ourselves.

2. To Be Loved

Anyone who says that they don’t need love is lying. Humans need love in the way of compassion, caring, and acceptance. Love keeps us healthier in many ways by our loved ones offering support, kindness, and laughter among many other things. Love helps ease stress and tensions that can wreak havoc on our health.

Of course feeling loved can come from many forms including a spouse, family, friends, or god that you believe in. But if you can keep a network of friends and family around you then you will notice the benefits of that loving support system.

3. To Grow as an Individual Person

This happens naturally to some extent in everyday life. We learn from our experiences and we take that knowledge and apply it to future experiences. But if we really want to grow as a person then we have to go out and learn new information about our beliefs, interests, and desires.

This is why self-help is so popular. If you have a problem that is frustrating you or making you upset then you literally have the power to learn how to overcome it. There are so many resources out there for you to grab hold of and do so. Never stop growing as a person!

4. To Grow in Knowledge

Knowledge is powerful. The more you learn about everything the more you understand about yourself, life, and everything in it. We gain knowledge to get a career. We gain knowledge to help us raise children. We gain knowledge to help us understand diseases that occur. We tend to seek knowledge in our lives only when we need it.

One of life’s goals should be to learn as much as we can in things of interest, and even things of non-interest. New knowledge keeps your mental health sharp and allows you to keep your wits about you.

My grandpa and nana were great examples of this truth. My grandpa spent every day learning something new by reading and doing. He would research things he didn’t understand and would take apart machines just to see how they worked. My nana on the other hand would watch her soap operas during the day and head to bingo every night! My grandpa was as sharp as ever right up to the day he passed away, and my nana quickly started forgetting things and slipped into Alzheimer’s long before she passed away.

So get out there and set some life-long goals that will allow you to grow, be happier, and be healthier!

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