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Phillip Island Tours

If you are looking for a great holiday activity in a great holiday location then look no further than Phillip Island tours. Phillip Island is an island in Australia located around 140 km from Melbourne in Victoria. The island was actually named after the first Governor of New South Wales – Arthur Phillip. The island creates a natural breakwater for the shallow waters of the Western Port. It is roughly 26 km long and 9 km wide meaning there’s lots of space to explore and giving it an area of around 100 km. It also has an impressive 97 km coastline – which is what many of the visitors, and many of the people on tours, are interested in coming to see.

The mainland town of Sam Remo is connected to the island town of Newhaven. While the population is usually a relatively small 7,071, in the summer this expands several times to 40,000. 60% of the land meanwhile is devoted to grazing for sheep and cattle.

It’s the wildlife though that will draw many people to Phillip Island and that is for many people the highlight of the island. One of the most exciting draws for tourists is the Penguin Parade where penguins are seen to come up onto the beech. They’re incredibly cute and if it’s something you haven’t seen before then it’s something you should certainly seek out. You can also here find an incredibly wildlife park where you can feed wallabies and kangaroos which actually walk free among the visitors. This is also one of the best places to go bird watching, of course to see the penguins (in particular little penguins) but also to see short tailed shearwaters and Pacific Gulls. And then there’s the other incredible draw provided by the wildlife – the Seal Rocks which are home to the largest colony of fur seals in Australia – around 16,000 of them live here and it makes for an incredibly cute and awe inspiring site.

The climate of Phillip Island is warm and pleasant as you would expect from Australia. It is however milder than Melbourne and cool ocean breezes prevent things from getting too hot. The average temperature during the day in February is around 24.7 degrees Celsius, while it’s around 13.4 for June.

As the population figures might have suggested, Phillip Island is a highly popular tourist destination, and is visited by 3.5 million people annually – often to see the little penguins coming to the shore, but also just to enjoy some of the best scenery and coast lines to be found anywhere. There many exciting rock formations and stunning vistas to be found on the island, and for those who enjoy surfing this is also one of the most consistent and reliable places to find surf. And for sports buffs there’s also lots of motorsports here.

There’s lots to see and do in other words, and possibly too much to see with no solid plan in place. By using Phillip Island tours then you can make sure that.

A favorite getaway for many Melbourne residents is a trip to Phillip Island. For tourists, seeing the penguins is one of the most popular phillip island tourist activities.