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Photo Frame Wedding Favors Can Be a Versatile Favorite

Weddings can really be full of fun and excitement, and during the planning stage, remember that wedding favors are those small details that have a large impact. Photo frames are also useful and practical wedding favors to have. Everyone has photos at home and therefore photo frame wedding favors are ideal and can serve a few different purposes at the reception before going home with your guests. Guests can use these frames at their workplace or at home. Guests are sure to use a photo frame at home or in the office. They can add style to your reception to make it one to remember.

Various Types

There are several types of photo frames that can be used as wedding favors. You can find them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can range from simple seashell frames for a beach-themed wedding to more elegant ones that are in sterling silver or chrome. You can also find ones that are in the shape of a lighthouse for nautical-themed weddings and much more.

You can find some that are smaller and others that are a little larger. There are many to choose from such as a 2″x3″ and 4″x6″, and some are as large as an 8″x10″. You can even get smaller sizes to use for place cards as well for photo frame wedding favors.

Various Styles

You can find that many photo frames can be found as magnets that can be used on the refrigerator or some that are larger can be placed on the desk or end tables at home. These can serve many purposes at home and can be great for giving as favors. Simply use an engagement photo to place in the center and this serves as an ideal keepsake for guests to remember this special occasion as well as the fun that they had. If you don’t want to use an engagement photo, you can use a different photo that is meaningful to each guest.

Finding Photo Frame Wedding Favors

For the most part, these items can be found in a variety of places. Local wedding supply stores carry these items and if they are bought in bulk, they can often be found at discounted rates. After checking the local wedding supply locations, consider looking in craft shops or even local retailers. They will often have a vast variety of frames to choose from depending on what you are going for. Also, depending on the size of your wedding, you may need to make a few trips to retailers as they may not have enough on the shelves. You can also check their online site and order in larger quantities.

After checking there, consider that many online sites and wedding vendors often have sites online. This will allow you to do customizations as well as have a wider variety of designs and styles to choose from. Photo frame wedding favors are the perfect solution and can serve as place cards as well as a take-home keepsake.

Photo frame wedding favors can have many different functions for your wedding reception and provide a functional gift for your wedding guests.