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Portable Media for Productivity

Technology is changing and improving at an increasingly rapid rate. Go back in time 30 years and people were predicting flying cars video calls, but while these didn’t come into fruition in quite the way the Jetsons predicted; in some ways the ubiquity of the internet and the impressively small and powerful gadgets we carry in our pockets are even more remarkable.

Part of what makes these devices so incredibly powerful is the fact that they allow us to achieve so much more in terms of productivity. With small laptops such as the Asus g74 notebook and with phones that can do… everything… there isn’t a time or a place that you can’t be uploading files, creating and editing spreadsheets or having video conferences. Here we will look at which gadgets and devices will help you to get the most productivity on the go and how you can assemble the ultimate productivity suit for you to take on the train or on business trips.

Asus Notebooks: A great Asus notebook such as the Asus g74 notebook or an Asus k53 notebook is a great place to start and this will be the center or hub of your productivity. These are very small and light making them easy to throw into a backpack or shoulder bag, but they can do everything that a ‘fully grown’ computer can. Download some good software on there such as Microsoft Office (or the free Open Office) and you can do everything you can in the office.

Android Phone: Smartphones are the perfect example of ‘convergence’. While laptops get smaller ala the Asus notebooks, phones are getting bigger and becoming capable of more. There is somewhere most likely to be an optimum size for gadgets that give you the utmost productivity on the move. Android phones are highly functional smartphones and allow you to modify and play with lots of features. For ultimate productivity note the ‘wireless tethering’ option many come with – which lets you turn your phone into a wireless hotspot so that you can use it to connect your Asus k53 notebook to the internet even when there isn’t a wireless connection.

Kindle: A kindle is often thought of as a leisure tool not a productivity option, but in fact it can be both. The reason that it’s included in this list is that a Kindle 3g comes with a free internet connection that works anywhere in the world with no charge. So if you’re in another country, or your mobile carrier is being stingy and charging you for your 3g, then you can use a Kindle to research things to type up on your Asus K53 notebook completely free.

Pen and Paper: While you will benefit greatly from an Android phone and an Asus g74 notebook, you can still benefit from a good old-fashioned pen and paper which will allow you to take notes that you can later transfer to your notebooks, or to annotate pages that you are working from.

Bag: Finally you need a great bag to tie it all together so that you can carry everything with you wherever you go.

Follow the links for an Asus k53 notebook or an Asus g74 notebook, and then look into other gadgets that can improve your productivity.