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Postcard Printing and Direct Mail

Postcard printing, a part of direct mail marketing, is great for businesses to reach customers. By using a certain style of postcard printing, you can turn your direct mail into an effective marketing strategy. There are a few suggestions on how to style your postcards into customized marketing tools for your direct mail strategy. I will discuss 4 situations and the recommended type of postcard printing that will benefit your business.

The first situation will discuss is if you are limited on the amount of money you can spend on your direct mail marketing. Postcard printing is affordable in many ways. You can reduce the price of your postcards by decreasing the size of card you display your information on or you can drop the color printing and use black and white printing. These changes can lower the cost of your printing and help you purchase a bigger amount of cards.

If you want your postcards to be memorable and have an impact on your customers then it will be best to go with quality printing and custom postcards. Custom postcards not only allow you print your materials on different stocks and inks but also make your cards look professional and appealing to customers. The effect of your postcard and your call to action for your business will help bring in new customers and re-invite current customers.

The third situation is having maximum distribution coverage. For direct mail, reaching a max amount of customers is ideal for marketing. A suggestion would be to print your cards at the small size but to include more color to attract the readers. The price will be at a decreased amount and you will be able to send your marketing message out to more addresses. With direct mail marketing the best possible coverage will gain people’s business.

The fourth, and final, situation I will discuss is printing for durability. If you are afraid that your postcards will be damaged by weather and other effects in the mail, then there is a solution. Consult your printing service and ask for the thickest possible stock paper to print on. There are also possible coatings that can make your postcards resistant to cold, moisture, and other environments that can damage your cards.
These specific styles and solutions for your direct mail issues will make your printing run quickly and smoothly. Your postcards are there to perform marketing duties that will promote your business and create positive buzz.

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